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TRAVEL Executive Air Services soars high above its competition SKY HIGH Words by Marta A Oppenheimer From the beginning of time, man has been fascinated with flying. The Prehistoric Man illustrated, on cave walls, many images of birds soaring through the sky. The Chinese invented kites that glided through the air in religious ceremonies, or to test weather conditions. During his life, Leonardo Da Vinci illustrated his multiple theories of flight and actually attempted flying. In 1903, in North Carolina, USA, the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane with a pilot on board, The Wright Flyer. That was the start of it all. Humans have always wanted to fly like birds. Today, Executive Air Services helps man to hold on to that dream, and has turned flying into a smooth ride. Relax and enjoy the journey, Executive Air Services has you covered. EAS is a 20-year-old, Part 135 aircraft and management charter company that is ARG/US Platinum and IS-BAO rated. In addition to the fostering of love between man and flying, there are numerous advantages to being part of EAS. They take care of the entire operation of aircrafts. Their services enable clients to save money in areas such as upkeep, insurance, and fuel cost. When the aircraft is not being used, EAS handles the chartering as well. Simply place it in their FAA approved charter-certified hands and let them do what they do best. When not in personal use, the aircraft is generating trips. EAS assists with all sorts of aircraft management needs: the preparation for personal trips –business and pleasure— the sale of chartered trips, aircraft maintenance, as well as the preparation of all required statements. Traveling for business? Use the quiet moments aboard the private aircraft to tweak that business presentation, design colorful pie charts, or practice an important lecture. Prepare to face new or existing clients with peace of mind, free from distractions and concerns about safety, efficiency, comfort, or time, since EAS holds your well being as its highest priority. Not only does EAS help with air travel, land can be conquered as well. Even on ground, service is above all other companies. Transportation to and from hotels or business meetings can be arranged. Traveling for fun? A romantic getaway? EAS can obtain theater tickets or arrange dinner reservations as needed. Call any EAS concierge specialist and ask for their assistance. EAS is a Worldwide Aircraft Charter and Management company with "Uncompromising Service. On Demand." At EAS, the doors of communication are always open. Their staff is ready to shake hands and answer all questions. Meet their friendly staff of aviation professionals today. The staff is as diverse as the fleet: Lear 31, Hawker 800XP, Gulfstream 550, and Global Express, to list a few. Every aircraft is ready for flight according to the number of seats, hour and distance range, and capabilities needed. Visit today. Call 800-579-1694, or email info@eascharter to set up an on-site visit and experience "The EAS Standard" of quality. "Quality is our culture." ML MIAMI LIVING 89

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