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FOOD A Taste of Soho Beach House Open…for Brunch Words by Martin Haro • Photo credit: Doug Hungerford By now you've heard about Soho Beach House, the Miami Beach offshoot of the private members club in New York that oh-so- memorably got imprinted onto the zeitgeist thanks to a Sex and the City episode back in the day. You know, the one in which Samantha tells the ladies about this fabulous club with a pool that's just opened up near her place, and how she can't get in…. (OK, fine. It was episode 10 of the sixth season.) Anyway 1, Soho Beach House opened, what, a couple years ago now, and like, pretty much since Day 1 it has been the spot for pretty much every other celeb that's set foot in Miami, like TomKat (back in the happier days…while he shot Rock of Ages in town), Katy Perry and Russell Brand (ditto, funny enough), and Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello (together, but not like that), among others. Oh, and for anyone with the $1,800 required for a local membership (that'll be $2,400 if you want access to Soho House West Hollywood or Shoreditch House). Right?! Anyway 2, if you have different uses for your smackaroos, you can still stop by SBH – that's what we call it – and have a moment at Cecconi's now that the club's restaurant has launched its Sunday Feast brunch. Since April, Cecconi's has been bringing 'em in for a delicious midday, well…feast featuring a full buffet and an omelet station fit for a king (or, y' know, a pop star), and for the quite reasonable price of $35, which – joy! – includes your first Bellini (or a glass of orange or grapefruit juice). The weekly fiesta also includes some live entertainment, and, unfortunately, some of the most uneven service in town. But let's not dwell on that, shall we, and focus instead on Sergio Sigala's food and Oscar Bonelli's pastries, which make up for any shortcomings Cecconi's should work out (still, after all this time). Honestly, it's easy to do: the restaurant is gorgeous. Granted, it's way more striking at night, when guests can take in the experience in the loveliest light, surrounded by Silver MIAMI LIVING 83 Buttonwood trees out in the garden, but, whaddya gonna do – if you're there for brunch, you're there during the day to see and be seen, so be sure to have on your baddest, hottest sun shades and show enough skin that you stay classy, ya hear. Anyway 3, the food – that's what you want to know about, so here's what you should know. Sigala's colorful spread is comprised of five – five! – staple categories featuring new and old favorites. There's the egg station, where you can get your eggs omelet or scrambled and made to order with bacon (#winning!), sausage, avocado, tomato…. The works. Then there's the sweets station, with its waffles and yummy ricotta pancakes, pastries, freshly baked croissants (croissants fresh out the oven are the s—-, pardon my French), and homemade torta. The raw bar has oysters and salmon tartar and shrimp and fish salad – but like, it's all about the oysters (remember, 35 bucks, people – enjoy…go buck wild), while the carving station is full of good, grrr! protein with roasted beef and pork, a deliciously healthy quinoa salad, and, since Cecconi's is an Italian joint, meatballs and macaroni and cheese. There's also a cold cuts spread, but, really, you gonna go for that when you have a feast in front o' ya? Yeah, I don't think so. An à-la-carte cocktail menu is available for all y'all drink "enthusiasts," as well as a roving cart with all the ingredients necessary for Bloody Mary crafted tableside. So you're not a Soho Beach House member – so what? You can still eat like one. Just behave like you belong (enjoy those oysters, but no Tupperware!)…. Reservations for Cecconi's Sunday Feast are encouraged and can be made by calling 786-507-7902 or emailing (btw, that $35/a pop cost includes 50 percent off the valet, but not tax and gratuity). Soho Beach House is located at 4385 Collins Ave. in Miami Beach. For more information, visit ML

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