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PEOPLE Daniel: We're pushing the envelope of what's appropriate for men to wear. That's part of the DNA of Duckie Brown. I think that's only because we're interested in shape and how it hangs on the body but we're also interested in exploring new ways of doing something. Steven: Duckie Brown as a label is challenging people. It's showing people new ways and new things, or at least attempting to. But again, it's based in very traditional menswear. It's moving around the proportions and quite traditional actually. ML: Do you have any advice for young people just starting out in the fashion industry? Steven: I think the most important thing I say to the students is, "You've got to have your own handwriting. Don't try and do somebody else's." If you're conservative, do a beautiful conservative collection; if you're crazy, do a crazy collection. It has to be you. It has to be your own handwriting. ML: Do you call each other "Duckie"? How did you decide to incorporate this word into the company's name? Daniel: Duckie is a term of endearment; Steven's aunt used to call everyone "Duckie." We've called each other "Duckie" for the last 17 or 18 years, way before Duckie Brown. So it became a natural distinction that the line would be called Duckie something. We're both Duckie and we called the line Duckie. We just attached something that was more grounded and conservative and traditional to the Duckie name, which is how we came up with Brown. Indeed, the word "Duckie" is working for these gentlemen and Miami Living: How will Duckie Brown's style be incorporated into this collaboration? Daniel: As far as the silhouettes go in the clothing themselves, its American sportswear, and it's nice for us as Duckie Brown to do American sportswear. We decided to base the whole collection around khaki. There might be some unusual sort of colorations, but there's always grey khaki, a green khaki, an amber khaki … Steven: The khaki inspiration came from the show you've seen a thousand times by Perry, from the knees to the head, a white shirt or blue shirt; and khaki trousers. It's America; and we're doing an American collaboration. So we have to be honest to it. Also, khaki is America. ML: Tell me about the show? Daniel: Everyone wants a special preview and we always say, "No, you have to wait for the show." ML: Do you think about your next collection while you're working on the current one? Daniel: We always work far in advance. Of course, we didn't start this collection until really the end of February, so we were a little bit under the gun. We are very, very organized and do not believe in the drama of fashion. We are quick and we know exactly what we want. The sketches were quick. It's all done all at the same time. The drawing, the fabrics…it has to be. The more that we do, it kind of became easier. ML: What's the Duckie Brown philosophy? Daniel: There are no rules. ML: Do you feel that your clothing designs challenge conventional notions of menswear? If so – why? this year's partnership between Duckie Brown and Perry Ellis is one of the most anticipated collaborations the year. You don't want to miss it! ML MIAMILIVING 75

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