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PEOPLE affair, show them a good time, and we get them to write checks ML: Guessing drinks are involved? GU: Of course! But, also, this was a huge thing in my family – paying it forward – and I'm in a position and surrounded by people in a position to help. ML: Have you thought about doing something similar in Miami? GU: I haven't, but I would love to. We're still working with the first school that we adopted. I never imagined – we've been there seven years, and I think we didn't quite understand just how dire the situation was in Southern California with the cuts. Our school got hit pretty hard. Our more immediate goal is to expand in L.A., but here, through Wade's World, Dwyane does a lot here. ML: Mmm…Dwyane…. Shall we talk about him? [When we met with Union, the Miami Heat were on their way to Boston for a make-or-break game. Obviously, they made it – in no small measure because and thanks to the support of the team's fans, which include Union, Wade's steady girlfriend, who btw, never sits courtside, for she doesn't want to be part of the show. The actress said she wasn't flipping out anymore, that she was calm about that game because "Dwyane's so calm" and the she'd always support him no matter what – but that, needless to say, she'd prefer for the Heat to bring it home. Guess she got her wish.] How are things with him? Union: Everything's good. It's all good. ML: OMG, look at you getting all demure on us. OK, lightning round. Favorite restaurant in Miami? GU: Gosh…OK, let's go by areas. Starting in the Design District and working back to the beach, I'm obsessed with Michael's. City Hall. Il Gabbiano. Zuma. Prime 112. Oh, and Quattro. I love going from lunch to dinner sitting at Quattro. Oh, and that Mexican place that used to be off Lincoln around 70-something…. ML: El Rancho Grande? GU: Yes! It's good. There's not a lot of good Mexican places here. It's not the dominant flavor. ML: Alright, places to party. Go. GU: LIV on Sundays. I mean, what else is there. I like Love Hate. Love going there. ML: Places to shop. GU: Ooh. En Avance in the Design District. ML: You. Look. Stunning. How does Gabrielle Union get ready for a night on the town like tonight? 70 MIAMI LIVING GU: Well, I took a shower. Then my little mice arrived and worked their magic. Normally, I don't do much. It's Miami – it all just sweats off your face, anyway. ML: Dream role? GU: Any role is a dream role. I've tried out for just about everything and the thing, when it comes to someone who looks like this, is someone has to want a chocolate sister in their movie. I would love to be Anne Hathaway's cousin TiTi Catwoman, but I don't know. I would love to be in something like The Legion of Doom, you know. I guess, ultimately, I would want to create my own thing. ML: To wrap up, tell us again, what do you love about Miami? GU: Gosh, to have a home away from home be so welcoming and so warm, in every sense of that word, it's a blessing. Miami has never been cold or felt lonely to me. Ever since I first started coming here for work, and now being a semi-permanent resident, it's always been a happy, awesome, functional family to me. That's what Miami is to me. ML

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