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FASHION SUIT UP FOR SUMMER What's the latest, must-have name in every bathing beauty's fashion arsenal? Luli Fama Words by Vanessa Pascale must say, I concur. Fashioned in the right accoutrements, you walk taller, you smile more… The power of fashion is palpable. Seriously —it's even recognized as a form of therapy. I With it being summer and this being South Beach – it's all about the swimsuits. And the label that is causing quite the commotion, dancing on the tips of everyone's tongues, including celebrated songstresses like Beyoncé and LeAnn Rimes, is Luli Fama. Luli Fama's flirty swimsuits command the attention of onlookers with their sexy cuts and whimsical adornments. And their colors — oh the colors! –are a spectrum of vibrant hues as bright as the Magic City's land and seascape. Dripping in cobalts as rich as the Atlantic Ocean, with touches of cool palm-frond-greens, blazing yellows as brilliant as the sun…, these swimsuits elicit daydreams of lounging by lapping waves or poolside R&R. But, the ultimate selling point is their fantastic fitting bikini bottoms. Right now, women are obsessed with the ruched bikini bottom. And the innovator behind this fabulous idea is, you guessed it, Luli Fama. You no longer have to self-consciously sport that saggy, unshapely bikini bottom. Luli Fama has answered our prayers with a strip of strategically placed elastic (GENIUS!), creating the most flattering fit to date. The creative minds at the forefront of the form- flattering swimwear line are those of Lourdes Hanimian and her brother-in-law, Augusto Hanimian. Lourdes and Augusto met in 1990 while working for Augusto's aunt, a renowned swimsuit designer of her time. A shared vision for swimwear prompted the two to develop their own designs. Their first attempt, in 1993, resulted in a line they named Cover Style. By 2003, they had perfected the formula, and Luli Fama was born. Today, their alluring bathing suits are found in specialty shops and high-end boutiques everywhere (and online at and have become a favored brand among celebrities and fashionistas all over the world. Miami Living caught up with the Miami- raised designer, Lourdes Hanimian (A.K.A Luli) to get the scoop on their sexy swimwear. Miami Living: Where does the name Luli Fama derive from? t's beyond blissful to slip on something that makes you feel like a million bucks. Men and women invest staggering amounts of moolah each year to look and feel their best. As the adage goes, when you look good, you feel good, and I Lourdes Hanimian: My birth name is Lourdes, so my nickname is Luli. My friends and family have always insisted that I always wanted to be famous when I was younger. Famous in Spanish = Fama! ML: How has growing up in the Magic City influenced your designs and style? LH: When the beach is your backyard, you're more inclined to spend most of your leisure time waterside. Miami has heavily influenced my designs and styles with the cosmopolitan treasures from the picturesque scenery to our lively, energetic nightlife. Our 44 MIAMI LIVING Lourdes Hanimian and Augusto Hanimian

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