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PROFILE I HAVE A DREAM Jodi Darren Chased it and Caught It Words by Mackenzie Maclay Remember that innocent childhood question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" How many of us have actually had the guts to go for it? Hopefully many of you have, and if you haven't yet, perhaps this story might inspire you to. Jodi Darren made her dreams a reality. The actress/TV host/spokesperson took on the challenge of becoming a TV host in her mid-twenties and though she met many obstacles, she found the vision to persist. Jodi, who originates from a small western Michigan tourist town called Grand Haven, probably would not be where she is today, had she not taken the risk to leave her comfort zone and attend the University of Florida in Gainesville. During a weekend visit to Miami, Jodi fell in love with the Magic City. "I was inspired by the people, the culture, and the energy that makes Miami what it is," said Jodi. After she graduated from college, Jodi relocated to Miami, where she began a career in the health and beauty industry. One day, a colleague said to her, "Jodi, you should be an actress!" Jodi admits she was caught off guard by the comment and had her doubts. "That has always been a dream of mine, but how could I ever make it a reality?" she confessed. Her colleague simply replied, "Jodi, you are in Miami, get a head shot and an agent." And, that is exactly what Jodi did. Not long after, Jodi went on a casting call to host an alternative medicine talk show pilot and she booked it. It was her first job on- camera and she fell in love with the process. For a full week she worked with an amazing and creative crew of make-up artists and celebrities —their celebrity chef for the show was the up-and-coming Ingrid Hoffman. "Following a dream never is an easy path... There was great competition in Miami, I wasn't getting enough work to earn your life... with purpose. Often, a vision comes from the purity of childhood, when we had vibrant imaginations, and were untouched by societal pressures. Tapping into that vision helps you to play a bigger part in the world, and make a difference. This reminded Jodi of her childhood dreams and gave her the courage to persist. She reconnected with the person she was at her core, and with the support of her wonderful boyfriend, family, friends, and many teachers she was able to find her inner strength and create the life she always wanted. Jodi is grateful for her numerous opportunities that have ranged from hosting a show airing on the Travel Channel to working on the Home Shopping Network. She has also done an infomercial with Dr. Robert Rey (Dr. 90210) in Brazil, and last year she was a guest star on the hit series, The Glades. Currently, Jodi is taking what she has learned about the value of a vision and is reaching out to inspire others in her Miami community. She has partnered with a venture called Vision Launch, where the intention is to create interactive events — giving people a "Launch Pad" for their vision. "We believe that by sharing your vision you create a special synergy, which puts the vision into greater motion and hence, has a positive impact on the world. My vision is to support others in pursuing their vision," said Jodi. On December 10, 2011, Jodi successfully hosted her first "Vision Launch" event. She has received lots of positive feedback. People loved the concept and were happy a living, and I even lost focus for a while and felt like giving up on my childhood dream and moving home…," Jodi shared. At the time, she was volunteering for a group called Vision Miami. The premise for this group focused on the value of a vision: the insight that allows you to look forward in to be a part of something with a higher purpose. The event did exactly what they had hoped it would do, create a synergy! You too can establish your vision and can find and follow your dreams. For more information visit: ML MIAMI LIVING 87

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