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EXCLUSIVE says) could give you bad breath, and you can't have game with that situation going on – not while out clubbing/playing/hanging on South Beach. I swear by my Drs. Shapiro and Amini for my eyes and my teeth, respectively. Both keep nice, clean offices on SoBe; the former at the For Eyes on Alton Road, the lattter down on SoFi. They rock. YOUR BODY Obviously, you want to keep your hot bod, well…hot. Join. A. Gym. Or start running. I picked up getting my own motor running last summer, and I hearted the results I saw. I got myself some proper shoes – a total must – and then was impressed to see how quickly and effectively trouble areas got solved and how much better I felt afterward. But I'm serious about your footwear…. Which leads me to pedicures. And manicures. No one likes unkemptness, so just do yourself and anyone who has to see your feet or hands a favor and beautify those little piggies and fingers of yours, OK? That's the outside. You also need to check the inside. Y' know, under the hood. Call your general practitioner and get a full check-up. I hear it's important to mind your cholesterol numbers (mind your "bad" and "good" cholesterol levels and your triglycerides), and, if you're like me, ask about your sodium, too – I do, 'cause sometimes I over-salt. If you're a boy check down there; if you're a girl check up there. Very important. Oh, hey, if you're a desk jockey, pay a visit to your friendly neighborhood chiro. Dr. Hudson, who also has a practice on the beach, did wonders for me a few years ago after a car accident. You never know when an adjustment is in order. YOUR MIND Speaking of, it's never a bad a idea to bounce stuff off someone else. See. A. Shrink. Let's face it: these are trying times. Surely, there are things you'd like to discuss, and getting yourself an audience could be the healthiest thing you do all year. Friends are swell and all, but unless you're treating them to a nice dinner they won't wanna hear about it (again). That about covers the gamut, right? Now, if you put this lovely magazine down and take anything away, take away this: Check your tires! And your oil. Preventive care, kids, and an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Tweet me @moviemartin if you need a referral. For a doc or a mechanic. ML MIAMI LIVING 83

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