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EXCLUSIVE ML's Health & Beauty Guide It's time for your annual check up! Words by Martin Haro It's a new year, and with that comes the time to check your tires. Figuratively and literally. Bear with me. When thinking about putting together a health guide for the year, we/I I like had to think about health…but all I could think about was my car and how I had to put air in my tires. As of the writing of this I still hadn't, and, honestly, by the time you get this issue of Miami Living I still may not have hit the air pump thingy – I always seem to take the air out instead of the other way around, you see. Think about it: people are like cars, and there's a whole lotta maintenance that goes into the upkeep of both. YOUR FACE On the surface, for instance, your face, your skin is your calling card. You wouldn't go out for a drive around town with a car with bird poop all over it, and you definitely shouldn't go out there looking all busted. 82 MIAMI LIVING Get. A. Facial. Whether you get an oxygen facial, or a Swiss apple stem cell facial I had one at Equinox South Beach once), or a whatever's- trendy facial, you gotta take care of that pretty punum of yours. You could try dermaplaning – that's the treatment I got at Dr. Leonard Tachmes' Miami Beach Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa…the one where a skin tech peeled off a layer of skin off my face with a shiny scalpel. It's totally safe, folks, and it left me glowing. You definitely want to consult a dermatologist, too, and get your skin checked. We do live in Miami, after all, and the sun shines year- round – so beach! – and you probably don't wear sunscreen every day like you should. You also should get your eyes and teeth checked out. Both are your headlights. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, right, so you want to make sure there's no unhealthy gunk in 'em and that they're working just fine. Same with your smile. Get a cleaning. Make sure you have no cavities. Untreated problems (or even a lack of flossing, my hygienist

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