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EXCLUSIVE Meat Market back when you first opened. You obviously feature all the usual suspects you'd find at a steakhouse, but why buffalo? And why half portions? They're very convenient.... I try to keep unique steaks and different cuts in quite often. Buffalo has since become very difficult [to get], so I have been working on getting farm-raised game from Texas. I love half portions because I like smaller steaks, but I don't like the flavor to get compromised. By cutting them in half, you still get the hearty bold flavor of the big cut, but not such a big portion that you leave feeling overstuffed. It's a way to taste different things, too. Some might find buffalo to be a bit of an adventurous choice. Not surprisingly, when Meat Market arrived on the scene Miami was really cementing its scene when it comes to food. Want to take some credit on the record? Sure, I'll take some credit. I've always liked buffalo and beef from smaller ranches – they are grown more flavor-friendly. I guess you can call that adventurous, but there is really a big difference between mass-produced beef and boutique ranches. It has always been my quest to be able to offer my diners unique things upon availability. The Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival is one of the biggest parties of the year now, and you're doing the Best of the Best in 2012. What do you like best about the festival? Do you get to work with FIU's students a lot? I am really excited about doing Best of the Best! I am in great company this year. I love how the festival has brought well-deserved culinary recognition to the country's finest. And, yes, I have and hope to work with FIU students again this year. Market Man There is a steakhouse in the middle of Lincoln Road everyone just loves, and overseeing things in its kitchen is Sean Brasel, a chef who just loves to cook – and you can tell from his menu, which I find to be precise and pretty darn perfect. But who is this restaurateur/chef who will once again be showing off what he can do at the Best of the Best event at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach on Feb. 24? Well, we figured we'd ask him a few questions so we could all get to know him. And now that you do —make sure you check out Meat Market, which is located at 915 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. To make a reservation, call 305-532-0088. Sean Brasel, who are you? Who am I? I'm a man that loves to cook. I was born and raised in Colorado, started cooking very young. I traveled a lot to California and New Mexico to get influences quite often and moved to South Beach in 2000 to open Touch. I've been here ever since. Alright, so Meat Market, this is a place that's gone from Lincoln Road hot spot to Lincoln Road perennial and remained excellent. What's your recipe for success? Consistency and my dedication to my food. Not to mention, I am in the kitchen a minimum of six days a week. Yes, you are – I've seen you there on a Saturday night. You know, I tried buffalo for the first time at MIAMI LIVING 79 Before we wrap up, what's the dish that makes you the happiest? That's like asking which child is your most precious! I love simplicity and I love things that feature simple, true flavor. I can't say that one dish fits the mold every time. It changes constantly based on ingredients available, what I'm in the mood for, and the surroundings. That's what being a chef is all about – creating new love. ML

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