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PEOPLE in the studio at the end of last year. It must have been the Christmas spirit —we thought we'd give them away for free instead of making people pay for them. If you go to mine and Nicky's pages on Facebook then you can find out how to download them. They're really sleazy, electro tracks with some massive basslines to really give them some kick," says Fedde. The Ultra Music Festival is right around the corner and Miami and the masses from all over the world are gearing up to jet set to downtown Miami to experience the most electrifying music festival there is. Fedde will be here, of course, and he's amped to get this party started. "Miami crowds, they're just some of the best people in the world. You have to take into consideration that every year now for, I don't know how many years, they've had the Winter Music and feeling the music — headphones resting between his teeth after he transitions to the next song. What's the best part about his job? "That moment when you're in the mix, and you've been playing for a while and really get yourself in tune with the music, the crowd, the energy and you kind of lose yourself in what you're doing. You're building up and building up and dropping tune after tune, getting the tension as high as you can because you know you've got an absolute bomb in your back pocket. And then you get to that one point, and everything seems on a high, and then you press play and the place goes wild and you're almost stuck in this moment going, Oh wow! You can feel the energy coming back at you from the dance floor. Everyone is jumping and has their hands in the air, and you're like, this is my JOB! And if it's one of your own tunes, then of course it's even better," he says excitedly. Fedde was in Los Angeles to ring in the New Year, but due to What is one of your New Year's resolutions? I've worked incredibly hard to get here. I've put in the time. I've given up so much and just kept my head down and kept at it. Now, I'm surrounded by incredible people who are helping me to make all my ambitions come true. My resolution is to follow through and make everything happen. Conference and Ultra, where all the DJs come to for some of the biggest parties you've ever seen. As a DJ, you're putting on your best display for everyone to see. Miami crowds really have seen the very best of the best, so whenever you go over to play there, that's what they expect every time. You have to up your performance, bring out your big tunes, especially during Ultra, it's the perfect place to do a 'first play' of your big summer tune. For me personally, it's crazy, hot and wild and I absolutely love it," he says with a smile. On stage Fedde is in his element as he gets the crowd dancing MIAMI LIVING 69 some travel complications arrived just minutes before he was scheduled to go on for his set. Nonetheless, the prepared performer brought it. His performance was definitely on point. The crowd went wild as they shared the countdown with him and his explosive, bumping tracks. Right after his almost 2 hour set, Fedde had to hightail it over to San Diego for another performance. It's a demanding business –especially when you're ranked among the best of the best. How does this chill and super down-to-earth DJ stay energized playing back-to-back gigs? "That's easy. People in front of you dancing and having a good time always gives you energy. There is something wrong with you if that doesn't happen anymore," says Fedde. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. While on the road what is the one luxury Fedde must bring along when traveling? "I have to have my laptop. I feel like I've lost an arm or something if I don't have it with me. It has all my music, all my work, all my films and TV shows on it. I never go anywhere without it," he confesses. Don't miss Fedde at Ultra Music Festival this March! For more on this hot DJ, check out ML What song are you really into right now? Gotye's "Someone That I Used To Know"

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