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PEOPLE Ready for Fedde DJ Fedde le Grand takes it to the Next Level Words by Vanessa Pascale Already a household name as one of the hottest DJs / producers on the music scene today, Fedde le Grand continues to break new ground and bring the beats. From his residency at Space in Ibiza ("which was off the hook!") to having five #1 tracks on Beatport ("a really amazing feeling for me as a producer"), to playing at Exit Festival in Serbia ("always a goal of mine") and Coachella, Fedde shares that the ultimate high point of 2011 was opening up in concert for Coldplay in Madrid. "That was just like, 'Wow!' It was just on another totally different level to anything I've ever done!" he exclaims. Though he was nervous, since he wasn't playing for his typical crowd, Fedde took control of the stage and rocked it. "If you don't throw yourself out there and push yourself beyond your normal comfort boundaries then you'll never grow as an artist, so I just closed my eyes and let myself immerse in the whole situation. It was totally surreal, but incredible... How many other people can say they opened for Coldplay?!" Fedde expressed with genuine elation. Opening for Coldplay is a big deal –no doubt about that. This all came about when Coldplay requested that Fedde remix their hit song "Paradise" for them. "It was incredible to be asked to remix a track by a band like that. It's every producer's dream come true. The original single was amazing by itself, which can make it even harder to edit because you want it not just to live up to what the band has done, but to carry your own stamp and light up the dance floor. I was really happy with the end result and extremely proud of the success it has had in the Beatport charts and on the dance floors." Looking back on such an amazing year, how can one possibly top it? But Fedde has some major plans for this year. "2012 for me is the year that I want to push things to the next level. 2011 was really a year that I felt I was getting all the pieces into place… For me, each new year it's important to stop and look at what I've done, assess my successes as well as things that I think I could do better..." In the upcoming months, Fedde plans to get back into the studio to create some hot new music. "I've had so many ideas for music whirling around my head, but I've been so busy on the road that it's been impossible to give myself some quality time in the studio." His latest single, "So Much Love" has received loads of great feedback. I asked the DJ to tell me about the track and here's what he had to say. "Preparing my summer festival sets, I always like to do some reworks of existing tracks. One of the tracks that I always wanted to rework was "So Much Love To Give" by Together (aka Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon), which uses a sample from "Love Is Such A Wonderful Thing" by the 70s disco act The Real Thing. That original track was on one of the first funk albums I bought, and I've listened to it since I was about 13. The Together version was such an inspiration, and I've always wanted to do my own thing with the original sample, which I did for my summer shows. The first live reactions were great and the demand from other DJs became so big that we decided to release it on Beatport. We signed it to Ultra in the States and it came out in December last year. I am happy with the success, but obviously The Real Thing and Together deserve a lot of the credit." Be sure to check out two of Fedde's recently released tracks with Nicky Romero called "Slacking" and "Freaky." "We put them together 68 MIAMI LIVING

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