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PEOPLE Who has been your most memorable client thus far? For me, it will always be Jessica because she was the first person to really take a chance on me. I have such fond memories because we had a lot of fun working together. Just having the chance last winter to work with her on her Little Fockers tour… I've done every event that she's been to for the past year. I've told her that I will always be grateful to her for being the first one to be like, 'I'm going to give this guy a chance and see how it works out.' And it's worked out really, really well. I know her so well, our fittings are like 20 minutes long. It's like, Done! How did Jessica become a client of yours? Her stylist decided to move on to another occupation and a few people recommended me to her. I got an email from her assistant saying that she wanted to touch base with me on the phone… We chatted, connected and worked together, and it went really well. We just clicked. What do you think draws clients to you? I try not to make it a big drama. I try to keep it really simple. Basically, I'm providing a service to take the pressure off the celebrity having to worry about what they're wearing. I make it really, really fun. I feel like I make it easy. I'm very organized. I have really good taste and they know that. And I pull specifically for each client. I don't have a rotating rack of dresses. I very much go out for each thing and pull specifically for them. They get individual treatment. Do you style men? I'm starting to. I've styled men's shoots, but because I was known primarily for styling women that has been the first thing, but I'm working on establishing a male clientele for sure. Is there anyone that you want to style that you haven't? Yeah! I love Emma Watson. I'd love to style her. I think Carey Mulligan looks great, but I do love her. I love the ease she has on the carpet and how talented she is. There are lots of people. That's, for me, what keeps the job so interesting, that people come in and out that you're not expecting to work with and then you work with them and you click and you get this really good groove going and have all these great fun moments. And they get excited and you get excited. It's awesome. I love it. Who are some of your favorite designers? Right now, I'm really loving Prabal Gurung, who is a good friend of mine. I love his clothes. I'm really into Carolina Herrera right now. Her resort collection and spring/summer collection are incredible. Pucci, Chanel, Givenchy... They all have something different to offer... I go to them all for different things and for different people. What designers do you turn to when dressing yourself? Thom Browne, Michael Bastian, Simon Spurr, Band of Outsiders — those are all people who are heavily in my rotation. You have been in a relationship with your boyfriend Gary for 10 years now, what's the secret to your success? We very rarely fight. Gary (who is a writer for the TV show Family Guy) and I communicate really well. There is nothing worth fighting over, and if we do fight, we kind of fight like girls. We get a little bit bitchy with each other and then one will go off into a room and give the silent treatment till the other person apologizes… We're so like in the groove. We never go to bed angry — that's a big thing… He's very complicated but also really easy to be with as a boyfriend. He's just great. I think the secret to our success is just enjoying being around each other. 66 MIAMI LIVING If you weren't styling, what do you think you'd be doing? I went to school for art history. I probably would've gone to grad school. I wanted to work in a museum, so probably in a costume department somewhere at a museum. I was obsessed with Madame de Pompadour... What trends can people look forward to this spring? I'm very hell bent right now on denim shirts for men and women. I have three now, and I just circulate them. I wear them under everything! I think for women with a pencil skirt and a denim shirt and a great pair of heels and a necklace —I don't think there is anything sexier. Spring was very strong. The palette shifted from really strong vibrant colors to more of a muted macaroon pastel-y palette, light pinks, light lavenders, light greens. There's definitely a surge back to 60s modernism, not to be confused with 60s mod, but more like a California 1960s moment, knitted sweaters with little flared skirts. Derek Lam did a really good interpretation of it and then also Jil Sander was like incredible. What is your advice, for men and women, on how to get a little more glam for Valentine's Day? My suggestion for Valentine's Day would be, put on your best, underneath and over-neath. Every detail needs to be thought out [laughs mischievously]. Men too, btdubs, like buy a fresh pair of underwear, brand-spankin'-new! When you're not working, what are you doing? I just like to really chill out at home. I hang out with my boyfriend and my dogs. We just got an Apple TV, which is like so exciting for us, so we can stream anything we want to watch. I travel a lot. I go to a lot of theater. I work out. I hang out with friends. I'm pretty much always working though, in some way shape or form, but when I do have downtime, sitting down in my TV room on the couch with my dog on a Sunday afternoon with just something on, dozing in and out, is like the perfect day for me. What's the best part of your job? The people I get to work with. The clients, my assistants —I'm really, really lucky to get to work with such a great team. And I get to be around, I mean look at that rack, [he motions to a rack of stunning designer clothes across from us] I get to be around some of the most beautiful clothes in the world… When we open up the boxes in the morning, it's like Christmas Day, every single day. I'm still in there with everybody opening up as a quick as possible to see what little gems have come in. ML

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