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PEOPLE BRAD AMBITION It's Brad Goreski's time to shine – in all his sparkle and geek-chic glory Words by Vanessa Pascale • Photo Credit: Bravo Goreski's office. Upon entering, I am greeted by a room of staff/friends who are chatting about Miami's current event of the season: Art Basel. I "What was my response?" Brad responds to someone's query about whether he'll accept any of the invitations he has received to jet off to Miami and rub elbows at yacht parties. "I have to work! Like, I can't just go to parties. I've got shit happening," Brad says pointedly. Lots is happening right now for this hot Canadian stylist – whose name and face is being seen everywhere. With his new show on Bravo, It's A Brad, Brad World, and him frequently popping up in magazines like US Weekly —this is Brad's time to shine. And shine he does, with his POC ("pops of color" —an acronym he often uses on his show) and what he calls "whimsical-geek-chic" style. "I like to be a character. I am a very firm believer of choosing who you want to be on the day. I'm not always stuck in the box of geek-chic, sometimes I don't wear my glasses and I'll do a leather jacket and Rick Owens T-shirt and a pair of beat up jeans and sneakers and go out dancing… For me the power of clothes is being able to express who you are, and that doesn't mean who you are for the course of your life, it means on that day —that's how I live my life," expresses the cheeky 34-year- old stylist. Formerly an assistant stylist to Rachel Zoe, Brad gained fame from appearing alongside Rachel in Bravo's show, The Rachel Zoe 64 MIAMI LIVING n a high-rise off of Sunset Boulevard is where you'll find Brad Project. A little over a year ago, Brad decided to part ways with his mentor and friend so that he could grow. However, when the The Rachel Zoe Project returned, the season four premiere portrayed the separation negatively. In the episode Rachel says that Brad told her that he wanted out of the limelight and that he needed to make a change. "Within a week of us parting, when Brad went out on his own as a stylist, he started to pursue our clients, he started to go to all these events and doing all the things he said he had no interest in. It's not the first time I've been used…" Brad was very hurt by the "character assassination" and maintains that this was not the case. "I was very clear when I left. We had many lengthy talks, and I gave two and a half months notice —so in that time it was very clear what my intentions were. We also released a press release to People magazine saying that I was leaving to spread my wings and try styling on my own, so I'm not exactly sure where that came from." To Brad's dismay, after he left Rachel's company and the show, their relationship discontinued. Brad shared that he does bump into Rachel frequently, as the fashion world is a small one, however, they are still not speaking. "My intention, when we left, was that we would be friends and maintain a relationship, but it's been her choice not to do so." Brad was very vocal about his admiration for Rachel and fondness of the time he spent with her —almost three years. "It was a lot of work and I learned a lot. I'll always cherish that time working for them. I owe a lot to Rachel. I find it disappointing that that was kind of the angle they chose to take with me… it's not what happened."

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