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ML EXCLUSIVE! example. "Someone said that I got a facelift. I should hope that if you actually thought I got a facelift that I would look better," she laughs. "I'm like, the truth of the matter is I had a baby. I just gained some weight and then it went away. So, ya know, people say things like that and it's sort of surprising, but what are you going to do?" she says breezily. In addition to television, Emily has worked in film, appearing in movies such as Leaving Las Vegas, Jerry Maguire, Big Momma's House 2… When CSI: Miami comes to an end, Emily is hoping to undertake a lighter, comedic role. "I have a very dry deadpan sense of humor, a lot of the time people don't know I'm joking. I would love, love, love to play a character that is just incredibly dry, sort of like Rainn Wilson in The Office. Just something ridiculous —that's what I'd like to do." If another TV show is not in her future, Emily plans to focus her efforts on working with children, an interest whet when she worked with an after-school program while attending college. "I just like to fill in gaps in areas where there's need. That feels really good to me and that feels right and passionate for me." Passionate about giving back, when she first moved out to California she worked with a homeless assistance program. Emily feels a deep appreciation for her profession and that it affords her the financial ability to support important causes, especially children's charities. "I went to the CNN Heroes Award Show last night. I'm just so amazed and inspired by people who are truly able to help others. I think that is the most rewarding way to live —with that level of generosity. It's been wonderful as an actor to have a job for so long because I am able to indulge all of those things. Even if it's just a friend of mine trying to do something. I'll say, 'Oh, I'll support you. I'll help you start that or I'll take you there.' That's amazing as an artist to have that kind of freedom." A natural nurturer, the role of mommy was one that Emily had no problems settling into. I ask Emily if the subject matter at work has changed her in any way, now that she's a mother. She goes on to tell me about the episode where Bo Derek is playing a mother to a girl being bullied. "Before I just sort of thought, 'Oh, how terrible, your child is being bullied.' And now, I realize the scale of how terrible that would be and how you really would do anything for your child. You would protect them and fight for them in anyway. There's a different level of understanding about that topic. You would sacrifice your life for your child just unquestionably, not even thinking. It's been interesting to me to have that thought show up," she thoughtfully reflects. In an earlier conversation I'd told her that when I moved out of state my parents relocated to be closer to me, Emily brings up that she'd do the same. "Will I follow her? Absolutely! Will she want me to? No," she says laughing. "I'll be like, "What are you doing? Don't go so far," she playfully whines. With two entertainers in the family, does Emily foresee Pippa following mom and dad's paths? "No!" she immediately responds, "I don't know what she'll do. There's no telling… It's not a very lady-like business. There's a lot of cursing. It's not for the thin-skinned. If she's overly sensitive, I will say, maybe not. But if she's oblivious, like myself, I'll say, 'Go for it!'" ML ALL ABOUT EMILY What would fans be surprised to find out about you? That I read all their mail. I do —I read all their mail. Where did you get your start in acting? I got regular parts on a show called Herman's Head and Nurses in the background, I wasn't saying anything but I was learning a lot and I really loved it. I felt like I was a part of a group… I made $45 for 8 hours of work and I was like, 'I'm getting there.' That was a really big deal for me. What's the best part about working on CSI:Miami? I find the subject matter fascinating and I've loved having access to so many people who have this job in real life. Now that I'm able to sort of separate the emotion of the crime from why people to do it to how you solve it and how you can bring peace to people who are experiencing anguish from something like that. Once I can see it from that level, it's just fascinating subject matter, which I think is why the show works. And our cast is just truly funny, which I think is very unusual. Jonathan Togo is a really funny person. Adam Rodriguez is so soft and squishy and kind hearted. Eva La Rue is lovely. Omar [Miller], who is new, is just gregarious and outgoing and fun to be around. Rex Linn is just the glue and is a great cook. Christian Clemenson is just so dedicated and completely true to being an actor. David [Caruso] is really dry, very funny and very smart. And we talk about this —we just think if you're going to be with a group of people for 10 years… We have a lot of really funny people on our crew. It's a really silly crowd and people don't expect it. People come to visit and I think it really throws them. What book are you reading now? I listen to them in the car. I stopped reading for a certain amount of time because I was memorizing. I'd be doing lines from the book and people would be confused. It'd be a totally different story. So, I started listening to books in the car. At the moment, I'm listening to Unbroken and I just finished, Freedom last weekend. I also just finished Keith Richards' book. My mom gave me Unbroken. She's like, 'Sugar, this is really good!' [she stresses the southern accent.] And I'm like, ok. She was right. She reads all the time. MIAMI LIVING 61

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