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ON THE SCENE It's Borgeous! If you don't know, now you know Words by Vanessa Pascale • Photo Credit: LA Club Graphics You know how there's always that one guy whose playlists always feature the hottest and latest tracks? This is that guy! John Borger, the Miami-born creator and Los Angeles transplant of the music website: Borgeous Beats, brings loyal followers only the greatest in house music. And Miami loves their house music! Fusing his affinity for house / electronic / dance music with his familiarity with the nightlife-entertainment industry as a promoter, John brings music enthusiasts a combination of blast-worthy beats, news on featured artists and up-to-the minute events going on. This social forum encourages all who tune in to lend support to the featured artists by purchasing tickets to their shows and buying their music. It's also interactive— vote in their polls and send in submissions to share with the site. We all want to be exposed to the best new music and this site gets the word, and sound, out. Count on tracks by the most talented DJs and musicians the industry boasts. Borgeous Beats aims to satiate your discerning music cravings while keeping you in-the-know. What made you start Borgeous Beats? John Borger: For years I've been posting songs via Facebook, making mixes, and just from people being in my car saying, 'Wow, what song is that?' Or, 'Can I steal your playlist?' So I was like, Hey, I usually find songs before they come out and 9 times out of 10 they're quality songs, so I thought why not create a website? Another reason was that I was tired of searching the blogs and EDM (electronic dance music) sites, etc and having to go to like 20 different sites to find 20 good songs, so my main focus for BB was to only have quality on my site, so people knew if it was a Borgeous Beat it must be good. And, I have a love for this music. I respect what theses artists do. This music gives me a certain energy that most genres of music don't give me. I like to promote people's music who aren't as big as these Top 100 DJs —seeing them develop is pretty fascinating! What sets Borgeous Beats apart from similar sites? JB: I'm a very competitive guy, in anything I do, whether it's BB, a basketball game, promoting... Every site is doing their part, which is cool —I like and respect that we all bring different elements and styles to the table. Like I said, I just want to have a site where people can just come and not leave all day. What can viewers / listeners expect? JB: Expect to come to a site/blog/EDM site, whatever you want to call it, and not want to leave all day. You can read articles, search events, links to other artist and their pages, vote, there are contests. I'm trying to make it as socially interactive as possible. Any news that people should be aware of? JB: Yeah, lots of things are going on. I have a Borgeous Beats App I'm having developed, where people can stream my music from my site, see events, news and everything straight to their iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Droid phone. I have new BB T-shirts on the way that look amazing. I'm doing a little makeover on the actual site as well. I have a promo video I'm making. I don't want to give away the details, but it will be cool. I have some really cool marketing ideas I'm working on, so look out for that. I'm always trying to keep it fresh, keep it out there and keep it interesting —that's something that will never change. It's been 3 months now and I have over 3,000 LIKES on Facebook, 30,000 views on my page, so all is well. It also helps that I'm involved in the Hollywood nightlife scene too. What do you hope happens with the site in the future? JB: I have one goal and one goal only, anyone who knows me knows when I really put my mind to something I will achieve it, no matter what it takes. The goal is to be the #1 site out there on the web. I think that anyone who does anything in life should always try to be #1, without being cocky about it, just be confident. "Borgeous Beats isn't just a website, it's a brand, an online community and a way of life. Blast & Enjoy!" Check it out at or on Facebook at!/borgeousbeats Email: ML MIAMI LIVING 29

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