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HOME Sublime Design Let the good energy flow with the assistance of Claudine De Bolle Words by Mackenzie Maclay I have to admit, before I met Miami's own Feng Shui Master, Claudine De Bolle, I underestimated the power of this approach to life. It wasn't until Claudine invited me into her carefully designed home that I really began to not only see, but feel the Feng Shui energy, known as "Chi." Although this so-called system of aesthetics seems new to many people, it actually originated in Ancient China over 5,000 years ago. Translated to English, Feng Shui literally means "wind and water." Broken down, it represents the seen and unseen elements of nature. This ancient philosophy has been successfully practiced for thousands of years to create environments that improve and strengthen living conditions in order to live in peace and harmony and achieve success in life. To gain more insight, I asked Claudine to provide me with an example of how her Feng Shui abilities has influenced the life of one of her clients. First, Claudine told me that her consultations are very different from those of a typical designer, because they last for more than four hours since you really have to spend time getting to know your client's wants, needs, goals and inspirations. She says, "When you open the door to a Feng Shui designer, you open the door to your heart as well." She shared a story with me about a middle aged woman who was sad and lonely because she was without a significant other. She felt so desperate that she cried to 54 MIAMI LIVING Claudine and told her that she was her last hope. This is a very heavy burden to put on someone, but instead of folding under the intense pressure, Claudine took a step back from the situation to meditate and find her answers. It was obvious to Claudine that her client was missing the element of love in her life. In order to fill this void, Claudine started in her client's bedroom by filling it with vivacious colors of love. Furthermore, she designed the room not for just one person but for two people. In order to prepare her client for love, she used a variety of symbols to represent love. She used many different decorations and many that came in pairs — two of the same nights stands, two of the same night lamps, two heart shaped frames with pictures of happy couples, etc. By transforming her client's space, her client began to go through a process of self discovery —changing her state of mind as well. When she decided to allow Feng Shui into her life, she instantly became more positive and optimistic about her future. Within a few weeks of finishing her client's apartment, the woman met her soul- mate and is still with him now, six years later! Born in Belgium, Claudine expressed to me that from a young age she always knew that she wanted to be a teacher. She taught Dutch for more than 20 years, but felt that she needed something more spiritual and meaningful. There came a point in Claudine's life where she also felt desperate or "stuck" so-to-say, and felt that there was something missing. Shortly thereafter, still in a desperate state of grief, Claudine came across a Feng Shui book. She immediately started to read it and felt an intense connection to what she was reading and wanted to learn more. She did some research, took a class and felt an instant connection to what she was studying. She explained that many of her peers struggled with the concepts of Feng Shui and had a hard time, but for her, it made sense -- it was easy to understand and relate to. Since then, Claudine has become a certified Feng Shui consultant and has been practicing what she loves for more than 10 years. Claudine's passion and love for Feng Shui is obvious and seen in her radiant smile and caring, soft blue eyes. She feels so happy and blessed that she has found a career path that holds so much meaning for her. It is her mission on earth, to help and inspire others who feel "stuck" like she did. If you are feeling that something is missing in your life or home, Feng Shui is your answer. Leave it up to Claudine to help you experience rapid growth and movement in your life by using the ancient art of placement. Claudine DE BOLLE – MEDIONI LUMIA LLC Feng Shui Consulting & Design Coaching 786 663 6612 For more information visit: or contact: ML

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