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MIAMI LIVING 89 PROFILE We only live once, right? Then why not have the house of your dreams. There is no need to enter a contest, or write various letters to TV shows asking them to restore and remodel your home. This is practical and functional. Use your house to the fullest. Take advantage of every single closet and corner. Trust me, your house will never be the same after a visit from More Space Place. The possibilities are endless. Think beyond your imagination, and allow your self to get blown away by the More Space Place design consultants. It's like putting your ideas to paper. Simply tell the consultant what you aspire your room to look like and he will work his magic on your home. First, he creates virtual design on the Imagination Station. There you can add cabinets or bring down walls —go wild! Be the architect you always wanted to be. At the Imagination Station, you see your vision come to life right in front of your eyes. More Space Place maximizes your home's functionality in ways you always dreamed, but thought impossible. The design process is fully customizable. You can have a beautiful, space-saving, and multi- functional home without an invasive remodel. Some of the most common areas that customers choose to remodel are bedrooms, garages and closets. Elevate your bed to new heights, literally. Custom design your own panel bed, also known as the Murphy bed. This allows you to have your bed anywhere in your house without disturbing the decoration of it. Have two rooms in one. The drop-down-bed is hidden and has attractive bi-fold doors; no one would ever guess it. More Space Place is all about re-using the space you already have and doubling your square footage. It's not magic, its molecular customization. Shelving and cabinetry specifically tailored for your home and lifestyle, right down to the subtle details and final touches. The bedroom is an important aspect of your home. However, so are closets. And although only your clothes and shoes live there, don't you hate it when one goes missing for 5 years. It's as if your closet was taking them ransom for its horrible appearance and disorganization. A well- designed custom closet helps you save time and headaches — and expand your wardrobe. On average a person wears only 20% of their clothes. This is largely because their mismanaged closets hide their options. Civilize your closet and stop fishing around for your clothes in the morning. And how about those remote, down-under areas of the house we all choose to ignore? For example, your garage —where your tools, sports gear, hobby needs, holiday decorations, and a motley assortment of household items live together chaotically ever after. How about providing some assistance to the unfortunate occupants of the basement? The Garage Systems bring order where there was once chaos. Guide your basement to a better life. You can design enclosed cabinetry, shelves, and a versatile system of patented wall hooks and hangers to create a habitable and organized living space. More Space Place is what everyone needs, and what everyone has secretly been daydreaming of. No more mess. No more missing shirts. No more clutter in your work space. Have a cup of coffee, and let the designers and remodeling professionals take care of your home. First, imagine. Second, design it virtually. And last, get ready for the installation process. The More Space Place professionals will treat your belongings with care, and respect. That means attention to every detail, right down to vacuuming and dusting before they leave. It's the "white glove" treatment. Just sit back and relax. 18153 Biscayne Boulevard Aventura, FL 33160 305-792-5060. ML It's Spring - Makeover Your Home More Space Place to the Rescue! Words by Claudia Paredes

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