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88 MIAMI LIVING PROFILE Presentation is essential. Think about it, the guy that arrives to a first date wearing a preppy blue shirt, sharp khaki pants, and shiny shoes is better received than the one sporting dirty flip-flops and a moth-eaten Grateful Dead t-shirt left behind from the 1970's. It is all about appearances. True, the Jerry Garcia wanna-be could be a Pulitzer Prize winner, while the Gap model might not be able to put together a sentence without the help of a map—but the reality is, a respectable exterior is the basis for a good first impressions. With that in mind —why not demonstrate the same care and dedication to the exterior of our homes and businesses? Dayoris Doors helps do just that. Specializing in the development and manufacturing of top quality, high-security doors for over 25 years, Dayoris Doors provides beauty and safety to homes and businesses. And they are green! With a new concept called Laminating Solution™, Dayoris Doors keep the existing door, instead of replacing it with a new one, and use a re-lamination process. Just cover the old one and voila, new door! No waste is created to achieve that beautiful, fresh look. That Grateful Dead fan with the award- winning words can become the perfect date after all —with a new outer cover as well. No need for waste there either. Doors are the keepers of many kinds of worlds. Each world is different and unique, which is why the door you choose to display to the public should reflect what is housed within. Dayoris Doors takes pride in their product. Each door is modern and fashionable. Accessories such as levers, doorbells, numbers, doorstops, and door pulls compliment and enhance. Beautiful stainless steel handles add to the fabulous new look, and at the same time are resistant to corrosion and the traffic that doors inevitably get. Functionality does not need to take away from appearance. Looking pretty is not Dayoris Doors' only concern. Safety is a top priority. They provide an array of products for protection such as modern deadbolts and MUL-T- LOCK systems. There is a wide selection of high-security doors, not only for the home but for businesses as well. These are constructed from double steel. What is hidden inside remains that way until chosen otherwise. Interior doors can have their day in the spotlight too. Closet doors can be transformed into visions of white lamination with stainless steel grips. Hallway doors can display geometrical patterns. Even doorframes can be covered and transformed. Not only do doors to rooms get a new life —that private elevator can become a classy ride. Perhaps, once Mr. Garcia's outer appearance has improved, another date is desired. Is there anything more romantic than conversing over a bottle of merlot by a handsome fireplace? No fireplace!? Not a problem for Dayoris Doors. Order a free standing or wall mounted ethanol fireplace. These are easy to install and can change the look and feel of any room. No need to stop at doors, elevators, and fireplaces, wood wall panels in different sizes and colors can be easily attached to walls and change the look of a room or a hallway. All these improvements not only add beauty, but value, to any home and business. Find out today how to improve your appearances. For more information on Dayoris Doors and Hardware, visit or call 305.572.0707 for a free consultation. ML Choose Dayoris Doors Because Appearances Are Important Words by Marta A. Oppenheimer

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