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MIAMI LIVING 87 PROFILE "When I started dating Paul, it didn't cause the stir that people would like to believe," says the Toronto-born socialite. "In fact, it's quite the opposite, I'm the envy of all my friends and they often ask me where they can find a young, fun guy like him." With this insight, Claudia decided to start, a dating site specifically designed to match up successful and attractive older women, with the young men who love them. "It seemed like a natural fit," Claudia explains. "Older men have always sought out the company of beautiful younger women. With so many women now able to stand on their own financially, without any dependence on a man, why not end the double standard." As the only dating service of its kind, Claudia was clearly onto something. Launched less than one year ago, has already established itself as a force in the marketplace, recruiting hundreds of thousands of women who had previously belonged to more conventional dating sites such as and eHarmony, which do not cater to an individual's specific tastes the same way a niche dating site such as does. currently boasts close to half a million members, including tens of thousands in South Florida. The site really took off when Claudia launched a multi-million-dollar ad campaign, which she kicked off on, what else, ABC's Cougar Town starring Courteney Cox. The perfect partner, as had officially gone mainstream. Mainstream enough that even the New York Times had to cover its meteoric rise. There is a changing tide when it comes to relationships, say the women on Sue Bonaventure, a 40-year-old advertising executive from Ft. Lauderdale, who joined after hearing Claudia on Howard Stern, said she always felt attracted to younger men. "I used to worry my friends would judge me so at first, so I kept it a secret. When I finally did decide to tell them, it turned out that they were all jealous! I'm getting all my needs met by a sexy, younger man, while they complain their husbands are more interested in watching football than having sex." Maria, a hot Latin number who could pass for a college co-ed, was a little more direct on the dating service's fringe benefits. "My current boyfriend may not be able to recite the last five presidents, but he knows how to give me five orgasms in one night!" she cheerfully exclaims. This symbiotic relationship dynamic of is equally beneficial for the "cubs" involved. Patrick Mazzo, a 24-year- old law student from Coral Gables has always been into older women. "My sister is ten years older and I always crushed on her girlfriends. I would follow them around like a puppy dog when they came over to study and hang out." Simply put, he'd prefer to date someone who "has their sh*t together." "Girls my age are still immature and it's about the game playing. For me, I prefer to cut to the chase." Claudia is thrilled to be at the helm of the cougar movement and to be helping hundreds of thousands of women find their soul mates, or perhaps even just a fun fling. "Real relationships are as diverse as society itself. As long as you're happy, that should really be all that matters. Whether you're recently divorced, never married or just one yummy mummy; can be your personal playground where you can lose your inhibitions, play the field or even find love again." … As Raquel waited in anticipation for her first face-to-face encounter with Right Now, her heart fluttered a mile a minute. Then he appeared, a young Adonis with a smile as big as the ocean. The night flew by and before Raquel knew it, they were back at her place, sweating, panting, holding each other ever so tightly. "Shall we call it a night?" she asks, gently stroking his silky brown locks. With his mischievous smile, she knew what he was going to say. "Are you kidding? It's time for Round Five." ML Claudia and Howard Stern.

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