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MIAMI LIVING 79 KNOWLEDGE Crossing Over to the Green Side Al Gore and Isabella Rossellini presented their latest books at the Miami Book Fair International. If you were unable to attend, here's what you missed. Words by Marla E. Schwartz Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis by Al Gore We always have a choice to take the high road or the low road or not to take any road at all. To sit back and let the road take us where it may. When it comes to the future of our planet, there is no one who can speak more eloquently on what road we should be taking than Nobel Laureate, 45th Vice-President of the United States and U.S. Senator Al Gore. He recently read from his book, Our Choice at the 2009 Miami Book Fair International, which took on many green initiatives this year, to a room filled to the rafters with eager listeners. Most on his side. Some not. Frankly, we all have to make our own choices in life and deal with the consequences. In this case – it's one major choice and if the right choice isn't taken soon … literally, the land we're living on in Florida, is predicted by major scientists around the world, to be completely submerged anywhere within the next 40-100 years. It's safe to assume that some of us will still be alive during this time period. This new book takes off where his previous best-selling book, An Inconvenient Truth, left off by providing a blue print for solving the global environmental crisis. "Our Choice gathers in one place all of the most effective solutions that are available now and that, together, will solve this crisis. It's meant to depoliticize the issue as much as possible and inspire readers to take action - not only on an individual basis but as participants in the political processes by which every country, and the world as a whole, makes the choice that now confronts us." Al Gore, from the introduction of Our Choice. Information is available at Al Gore's official website: ML Green Porno by Isabella Rossellini Relax, it's Isabella Rossellini, a woman who needs no introduction. And she's not in a porno movie, but in a series of short films about the mating rituals of animals. Isabella recently made an appearance at the Miami Book Fair International where she spoke about her new book, GREEN PORNO, based on the popular success of her films that she wrote, directed and starred in for Robert Redford's Sundance Channel. The first season was focused on bug sex; the second was about mating habits of marine animals and the third season introduced new elements as it took a humorous look at sea animals that are popular in human kitchens, including the squid, shrimp and anchovy. The fourth film is entitled, ""Harem on the Beach: Elephant Seal," and makes a passionate plea toward conservation. She does this all while wearing anatomically correct costumes! And it works! Dr. Claudio Campagna (listening to Isabella repeat this name over and over again is also great fun), a marine animals specialist, makes an appearance in season three, offering his expert opinion on elephant seals, thus adding an important scientific element to her exceptional work. "Everybody gets a little nervous when they hear Green Porno," Isabella said. "But there is nothing in it that you haven't seen on National Geographic, only that I'm trying to say it with great humor." "Green Porno is made with a great sense of humor and fantasy," Robert Redford said. "This is what we artists do. We tell serious things in the most accessible, entertaining way, and Isabella is a very progressive and talented artist." If you missed this Webby Award- winning series it can be seen at You can also get your own green porno name here. I did it and mine is, Cicada Lacewing. Very cool! ML

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