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78 MIAMI LIVING ML EXCLUSIVE! Dieters would be happiest to hear that if you're on the "kind diet" you don't have to exercise. "No more, 'I have to go the gym! I have to go to the gym!' If you just changed your food, it would change your whole being and you would feel and look so much better. I want people to go on this diet, the diet of freedom, where there is no more calorie counting and you don't have to exercise. If you need to lose weight then this is the best way to lose weight on the planet. If you are an athlete, you can continue to be an athlete. Bruce Lee was a vegetarian. Robert, a body builder I mention in my book, totally vegan. We're really busting all the myths about iron, protein, calcium," Alicia said excitedly. A Ray of Light Beaming like the star she very much is, Alicia radiates passion for all aspects of her life. Certain subjects, especially theater, evoke an animated, exuberant tone. "I love theater so much. I did The Graduate on Broadway with Kathleen Turner a long time ago. It's so exciting and inspiring, and sexy... I love film too. I'm really open to whatever. I've had a really amazing run in theater, so we'll see what happens. It's really wherever the wind takes me." The wind recently blew Alicia back to Broadway, where she is reprising her role in Pulitzer Prize winner Donald Margulies' play, Time Stands Still (which began in January). "We did the play here (in Los Angeles), then they were asked to do it on Broadway, so they asked me to join them there. Same director, same writer, but it's a whole new cast: Laura Linney, Eric Bogosian, and Brian d'Arcy James." The glow continues as she talks about her musician husband Chris Jarecki, who accompanied her to the interview (but stayed off to the side). As he passed by us during our interview, Alicia smiled coyly, then playfully stuck out her tongue at him. The two have been married for almost 5 years now (they began dating in1997), and are clearly still very much in love—no small feat when you're a Hollywood couple. "My husband and I love watching old movies. We love Giant with James Dean, A Place in the Sun. We cook and play with the dogs, go for walks. I really love going to the beach, getting my feet in the sand, lying in the sand, walking in the sand," Alicia said wistfully. "Another one of my favorite things to do is to come down here and ride bikes. We'll have a glass of wine somewhere and ride bikes around. We're like a lil'bike gang. I have my lil' bell and my lil' basket," Alicia giddily expressed. "I love it! I do it all around Abbot Kinney." And when she begins to talk about the music she's into, her eyes widen in excitement and she becomes amazingly animated. "I love, love Ray LaMontagne. You don't know him?" she asked. "Ohmigod, you would love him! I think. I don't know what kind of music you like," she realized. "He's amaz-ing. Ahh," she thoughtfully sighed. "His album, Trouble is so insanely beautiful." Sadly, I've never heard his album. What kind of music is it? I ask. "I don't know," she breathed. "It's beautiful. It's not rock. It's a man with a guitar and he's singing his heart out. What do you call that? Indie-folkie?" she laughed. "It's just amazing. And I really love Jenny Lewis and her band Rilo Kiley. Do you know them? It's like really groovy, sexy… Ahh, it's so good. I really love Jeff Buckley, always Jeff Buckley. Etta James, stuff like that." Hearing the way she speaks so fervently about these artists makes me want to go about and buy their CD. Really, hearing Alicia talk about anything that she's devoted to and cares about will have you believing that it's absolutely, the most wonderful, "groovy", "sexy" thing in the world. ML Check out EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone "I created this line of cosmetic bags. There are five different cosmetic bags. They're so pretty, totally green and cheap. I use them everyday, they're all I use. You can go to Target, Walgreen's or Wal-Mart. I was just trying to fill a need; there was no product on the market. There were no make-up brushes that do the smoky-eye-look that I do. They do the smoky look really well. EcoTools makes the softest brushes ever and they're doing it with recycled metal and bamboo, they're beautiful. There are no brushes, expect EcoTools that are cruelty-free and environmentally kind." Can we look forward to Alicia introducing more eco-friendly products? "There are things that are stirring in my head, but now I need to do my play. I'll be on Broadway for four months and when that's done we'll see what I 'm going to do. I wish there were 10 of me so that I could create all that I want to do, but you have to just go slow." Alicia's 5 Ways to Become more GREEN: 1. Read The Kind Diet 2. Go to and sign-up! 3. Eat as much plant-based food as possible 4. Use all recycled products when buying new (office paper, plastic utensils, etc.) 5. Get a water filter for your sports bottles and for your home and stop buying plastic bottles

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