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MIAMI LIVING 73 PROFILE Images of South America in earthy brown tones, an explorer dressed in full traveler's gear with hat and knapsack looking through a monocular and searching the world ahead, with his faithful dog companion. Words on parchment resembling an old treasure map, palm trees, a treasure chest, golden sand, and a vast ocean in deep shades of green and blue— all these elements make up packages that promise adventure. And an adventure it is, trying Explorer's Bounty's extraordinary products. All their delectable treats are made with earth-friendly, natural ingredients that help preserve the environment. Mortimer and his dog Nigel, the globetrotters depicted on the package, are always in search of a new bounty of fruits, beans, nuts, and more, in order to provide greener options for the planet. "Exploring the Planet for Nature's Finest Bounty," the ingredients used to make Explorer's Bounty's products are gathered from all over the world. For example, coffee beans from the mountains of Peru are used to make Coffee Ground Peruvian Light Roast Organic Expedition Inca, a brew with an effervescent snap, natural sweetness, and nice body. Colombia, Sumatra, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia are some areas where these ingredients are gathered. Not every place has been affected by today's modernization. In some locations, plants still bear fruit with the help of only sunlight and rich soil. Devoted to making the planet a green place to live, Explorer's Bounty searches for natural fruits that are used to make products such as Explorer's Bounty Gallop-A-Loozas Puffed Fruit Plantain, Explorer's Bounty Gallop-A- Loozas Puffed Fruit Pineapple Cinnamon, and Explorer's Bounty Gallop-A-Loozas Puffed Fruit Banana. With no added sweeteners, they're delicious as is—just as nature intended. Made with 100% pure fruit, these are fruits with a crunch. Explorer's Bounty Organic Yucca Cinnamon Tribal Stone Crackers' package display Mortimer and Nigel on a ship reminiscent of Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria. This is a definite sign for an adventurous taste experience inside. These crackers are made of organic yucca. Natural flavor in the form of brown sugar, cinnamon, and sea salt give them that extra kick. Gluten Free Explorer's Bounty Organic Yucca Onion Tribal Stone Crackers also have onion and cracked parsley. All are gluten and fat-free. Coffee Whole Bean Costa Rican Medium Roast Organic Expedition Grano de Oro comes from plantation plants raised in the shade, protected by a dense forest. The mild bean provides a light, sweet flavor to the coffee. Not a coffee drinker? Feel like a world traveler with a steaming cup of Explorer's Bounty Expedition Tribal Tea Argentinean Mate Tea or a cup of Explorer's Bounty Expedition Tribal Tea Hibiscus Rosehips & Mate Fair. If that doesn't entice you, sample their certified organic and hand crafted, Explorer's Bounty Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts or Explorer's Bounty Chocolate Covered Cashew Nuts. These chocolaty morsels are a treat to the palate. Explorer's Bounty supports organic farmers. With nature in mind, these farmers use farming and harvesting methods that are best for crops, while reducing pollution and waste that harm the planet. It is important to save the earth for the next generations. "Earth's bounty is a blessing." Call 305.455.2141 or visit and find out how delicious and easy being green can really be! Do not miss the opportunity to play Mortimer and Nigel's favorite games such as Super Mortimer's World and Silk Road Sudoku. They dare you to put together a Jigsaw Puzzle while snacking on a green treat! Take that dare? ML Explorer's Bounty "Exploring the Planet for Nature's Finest Bounty" Words by Marta A. Oppenheimer "All their delectable treats are made with earth-friendly, natural ingredients that help preserve the environment."

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