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MIAMI LIVING 27 The world is going green. Recycling plastic, paper, and glass is as natural as doing the dishes after dinner or watching the football game Thanksgiving Day. Plastic bags at supermarkets are being ignored in favor of eco-friendly, reusable shopping bags sporting images of flowers with fluttering butterflies, Van Gogh's Starry Night, or clever slogans like, "Livin' La Vida Verde." Hybrid cars roam the streets and organic vegetables grow in organic farms. Why not make parties green as well? Green Planet Events can turn any event into an environmentally-friendly fest! The reality is, today's events generate waste. Jessica Welle, founder of Green Planet Events, has discovered ways to still celebrate that birthday party, fundraiser, or corporate gathering with style, beauty, functionality, creativity, within budget –all while remaining conscious of the planet. Imagine a wedding reception –the dining tables display beautiful candles whose dancing flames radiate upon sparkling glasses to create pretty reflections. Scattered rose petals, in shades of pink, surround them and complement the flower centerpieces that scent the air. A wedding showcases the beginning of a new life for a loving couple. Green Planet Events help celebrate that new beginning, while caring about the existing life on the planet. The candles are natural, made of soy and beeswax. Elegant table covers are made of recycled fabrics colored with soy-based vegetable ink. Plates are made of recycled glass. The flowers are certified organic and locally grown. The delights on the menu are also organic and locally grown. And when the party is over, and the guests have full stomachs and sore feet from dancing, the left over food and other event items are donated, composted, and recycled. It is a myth that green events are more expensive. Money can actually be saved. Going green is about reusing products with beauty and originality, not taking away from aesthetics or adding numbers to the budget. The functions are decorated with natural materials, such as leaves and bamboo. Bright pink, happy gerberas with long green stems in tall glass vases brighten baby showers and afternoon teas. Strategically placed bamboo sticks give a room an exotic and seductive ambiance, perfect for that wine tasting soiree for singles. Even lights are adjusted to generate less heat and save energy. So many gorgeous possibilities, with so much concern for the world is what make this company unique. It does not end at bamboo sticks, flowers, and plates. Green Planet Events takes care of the entire shindig. They offer music, entertainment, photography, and video. The invitation to the shower, award luncheon, or graduation party is biodegradable and made of recycled paper. Invitations can be a keepsake. By ripping it apart and putting it in soil, a new plant can grow. Recycling and bringing about new life simultaneously, this is definitely a win-win. Contact Green Planet Events for your next social, corporate, or community event. 2646 NW 97 th Avenue, Doral, Tel: 305.716.0123 or visit www., "because every event can make a difference." Green Planet Events is a proud member of Green Meeting Industry Council, International Special Events Society, and Meeting Professionals International. ML ON THE SCENE Green Planet Events Ensure that your next event is enchanting, economical and eco-friendly. Words by Marta A. Oppenheimer

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