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FOOD Eat "clean" with the DeliverLean Meal Plan Special Delivery Words by Martin Haro DeliverLean makes me want to have a working intercom situation set up at my place of residence. Granted, it also makes me wish I never had to cook again, but, mostly, as I discover the morning of Yom Kippur 2012, the awesome food delivery service makes me long for an access code I, y' know, could have shared with the delivery person. It's 6 o'clock in the morning, and my first delivery is here. It's hella too early; I look like I just rolled out of bed ('cause I just did); and like, I'm receiving a big black insulated bag in front of my building right before sunrise. It's all so… covert, yet innocent. And I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. What can I say: I likey my food. This is how DeliverLean works: You go online to, and you pick the meal plan that best suits you (do definitely let the powers that be know if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies – they'll work with ya); you wait a little; the food is delivered at your doorstep (you get about two days worth per delivery, all neatly packed and labeled in cute little containers); and you enjoy. Btw, some of the meals must be frozen, but the lot of 'em can hold in the fridge. Then nuke 'em for about a minute. And then dig in. There are five well-thought-out plans from which busy health-conscious foodies can choose: • The Traditional Meal Plan, which consists of four-to-five, 400-calories-max "clean" meals (i.e., meals cooked using very little dairy, salt, or sugar) designed to help folks reach a healthy body fat level. • The lean protein-and-fruit/veggie-rich Paleo Plan of four 300-calories-max entrées a day for an easy and nutritious way for the peeps to get their diets back on track. • The Organic Meal Plan for the busy professionals, stay-at-home moms, or people looking to lose weight and add precious hours back into their day. (A typical day consists of a breakfast dish, one oh-so-yummy wrap, and three plated meals per day. Optionally, DeliverLean will customize a plan to fit a specific caloric requirements with any variation of meals.) • The lose-weight-fast Gluten Free Plan of four-to-five, 400-calories-max "clean" meals. • And the HCG Plan for individuals adhering to this strict diet. Each meal contains 100 grams of lean protein sources (such as fish, chicken, pork, beef, or turkey) and 3 ounces of fresh, non-starchy vegetables. The minimum order is three meals per day, five days per week for two weeks. For prices, call 1-888-740-LEAN. Simple, huh? Well, obviously, there's more to it. The company's mantra is "Live Better," so anyone who's interested in doing this has to be committed to that goal. A good diet is an important component of that, but you also have to be mindful that healthful meals won't cut the mustard at the end of the day. You gotta work it out, too. Having a service like DeliverLean at your disposal, well…that, simply put, makes everything just a tad easier. Let's not kid ourselves, right? Why? Because each meal is a delicious, portion-controlled gourmet confection prepared by leading professional chefs with backgrounds in aviation catering that have cooked for presidents, princes, and celebrities. That is sure to leave anyone both impressed and satisfied. Among the meals that DeliverLean sends my way is a tasty breakfast, which consists of an eggs benedict- type sitch with sweet potato bits and some pepper. That made a nice first impression 'cause the portion was balanced and just right. DeliverLean doesn't sacrifice flavor in the name of living better, that's for sure. Lemme see, I also have a half- blackened chicken wrap with a mango slaw, a signature chicken Caesar salad, and a beyond chimichurri steak – all of which were under 450 calories. Another breakfast I had was a trio of raspberry pancakes with orange mint syrup that was really, really good. I remember I got to my office real early that day and enjoyed my pancakes while watching the Elementary pilot. Mmm…that syrup. One of the highlight dishes I have – we're talking restaurant-quality here – is a shrimp scampi over whole-wheat pasta and asparagus. OMG, and this BBQ pork with vanilla sweet potato mash and braised kale was the bomb. Best thing I love about DeliverLean: they send dessert. A brownie. Approved! ML MIAMI LIVING 77

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