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PEOPLE ML: Some of the song titles, like "No Me Compares" ("Don't Compare Me") or "Yo Te Traigo (20 Años)" ("I Carry You (20 Years)") and themes in the record have a bit of a nostalgic tinge to it. Were you looking back or reflecting on the past two decades while making the record? AS: I don't know. I don't think so, but here's the thing: The subconscious also writes with you. There are things I've written in the past that friends have played me many years after that surprise me still. I listen to some of that stuff and I'm amazed at the things that crept in there unconsciously. In five years, I may listen to the record and think you were right, you know? There is a post-modernism to the sound, a throwback to those '80s-style sounds effects. For me, being in the studio, that's a joyful thing, so to make La Música No Se Toca was a chance to do something of consequence. I wanted to make something…epic. Pay attention to everything. And, funny enough, it came out kind of experimental, sound-wise. ML:Were those computer-generated or were they instrumental? 'Cause I couldn't tell, which is what I like about your music. It sounds very organic always. AS: Vale. That was premeditated. All those effects, the keyboards, it was all premeditated and combined with all these other pop- symphonic monumental sounds. Some of these sounds we worked on with the computer, and some with actual keyboards. We wanted it to have a raw feel still. A naturalistic feel, not just go in that other direction to keep up with the times or the trend, which I think is winding down. My hope is that artists will rediscover the acoustic sound, the folkloric sound, and start playing with that again. ML: Your voice, though, remains the centerpiece of the your work, and, if you indulge, it's such an iconic voice and a sound all its own. AS: Thank you. ML: Twenty years into it, what differences have you noticed in your instrument? AS: I learned how to sing with flamenco singers. I listened to pop, I listened to rock, and this album, the singing style is very rock, because that's how I sing, I can't help it. Flamenco and rock are ingrained in me. ML: How about your songs – is there anything you've grown tired of? AS: This may disappoint you – because it does everyone – but yeah, "Corazón Partío"…. ML: A huge hit for you. AS: Exactly, a huge hit, but it took on a life of its own and the song and I kinda lost our connection. But we're good now. ML: Going back even further, for me, "Lo Que Fui Es Lo Que Soy" is the Alejandro Sanz. And it could fit in this new record so well, it's so timeless. AS:Wow, you know my stuff. ML: Of course. Not to make you feel old, but you came onto the scene when I was just like, getting into buying my own CDs and stuff. Your songs have a very special place in my library and psyche. AS: Thank you, thank you. I hope that's a good thing. And you know, I love singing that one because, unlike "Corazón Partío," I don't get to sing it as often. It's a crowd-pleaser, and I get to enjoy it so much now. ML: It is! AS: Vale. ML: Now, you live in Miami, yes? What do you like best about our Magic City? AS: I do. I love it here. Rain and all. [When we meet, Miami is getting drenched almost daily.] Miami's a tremendous city. I've lived here for more than 10 years. And one of the things that surprises me the most about people here is they all want a sunrise view. I like to face west. The colors of the sunset here are incredibly beautiful, some of the best I've ever seen. And I love sailing. I love the water here. I don't go out that much anymore. I like to go out for dinner. There's this new place I like called 100 Montaditos. It's wonderful. It's typically Spanish montaditos. We order in a lot. We also go out to Casa Tua…. I'm a homebody these days. ML: Do you cook? AS: I do. I enjoy it. There's poetry and music to it. ML: A man of many talents. Muchas gracias señor! Will we be seeing you on tour? AS: Gracias a ti. And, yes, of course. We're coming to Miami; we're going to Europe and Latin America, so be sure to tell your readers. La Música No Se Toca is available now. Check out the title track, "Yo Te Traigo (20 Años)," and "Se Vende." ML MIAMI LIVING 71

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