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PEOPLE The Man Behind the Music ML talks with mega-platinum Latin sensation Alejandro Sanz Words by Martin Haro • Photo Credit: Ruben Martin The first time I heard an Alejandro Sanz song was back home, in Peru, in the early 1990s. His "Pisando Fuerte" and "Lo Que Fui Es Lo Que Soy," off his breakthrough album Viviendo Deprisa, were absolutely two of my favorite songs. That was part of the soundtrack of my tweens – how lucky was I? I mean, these were assertive songs about love. Nothing at all like crap that we hear these days. "Pisando Fuerte" is like, about a man who's madly in love, like a teenaged boy, a man who can only think about this woman, right. She's mesmerized him with her elegant, studied glances, and she makes him feel more himself, secure, bold. And because of it, he's going to win her over. And "Lo Que Fui" – which still gives me the chills every single time I hear it because Sanz's Zs sound amazing! – is like, this ode to this woman who used to be everything for this guy, but now that she's gone he has to go through the motions, and, more importantly, remember that the most important thing he has is himself. So, ultimately, the song is an ode to himself. More than 20 years later, Sanz is back in the spotlight with his ninth album, a classically Sanz collection of songs titled La Música No Se Toca that went straight to No. 1 on Spanish iTunes – a good two weeks before it was released on Sept. 25. 70 MIAMI LIVING I got to meet the Spanish singer- songwriter – one of my idols – on the eve of the record's release and talk music with the guy. I didn't get him to sing to me. That woulda been too much, but I got to get an insight into the mind of the man who taught to go around the world pisando fuerte. And that was hella cool. Even when he revealed to me which song of his he's just a little bit tired of performing. And especially when he remembered all the love he's gotten from his Peruvian fans (oh, my peeps can't help it!). Miami Living: Why did you title this landmark album that's coming out on your 20th year in the business, La Música No Se Toca? [Depending on your POV and translation, the title says music is not to be touched/trifled with or played.] It's a curious title. Alejandro Sanz: I believe that everyone in anything they do has to defend their work and show and demand respect for their craft. These days, there's an intrusive streak in the world. Everybody's in everybody else's business. It happens with journalists like you, too. Twitter and stuff like that has diluted your craft, and in my case, with music, the consumption of music has become simplified. It's just an iPhone app now. But music, a song – that's different. It's non- negotiable. A song nourishes your soul. But unfortunately, we don't know how to feed ourselves anymore. So as much as you can get all this information, music shouldn't be taken lightly.

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