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PEOPLE ML: How did it feel when you landed your first big job? CW: Beverly Hills, 90210 gave me so many call backs until they finally hired me. At the same time, I was auditioning for Living Single. I remember seeing Young MC at the audition and thinking to myself, 'no way I'm getting it,' but I did. I was lucky! I remember my agent telling me how lucky I was to land both 90210 and Living Single on my first try. He added that things won't always be as easy for me. I was lucky, I know this. ML: You've played various roles in your career. What character do you most relate to and why? CW: I'm not playing myself in any role that I do. There are certain things I can relate to. Good guys and noble characters for one. When I did Prison Break, I got to play a bad guy. This opened the door to throw out nobility and get down and dirty. Like my character on Friday Night Lights, I have a 7-year-old girl and want to stay connected to the family. I have my mother to help. I am a single parent. I guess Lavon (HOD) is the closest to me. He's not exactly smooth with the ladies but has a general optimistic outlook. I am a "glass-half-full" sort of thinker. ML: You have a nice build —it's no wonder you've often portrayed athletes. "Lavy" is a former athlete turned town mayor —do you or have you ever played any sports? CW: Why, thank you! [He gives a bashful laugh]. Basketball is my first love. I did track too. Long jump, triple jump...I was pretty bad at it. I've become a gym rat though. I like to live a healthy lifestyle. It's the key to longevity. No matter what you look like, you should try and be the best you possibly can. ML: You've done quite a bit of work in comedy and drama. What do you like about these particular genres? CW: I started in comedy, but feel I've done more drama than comedy. I feel weak in comedy. I always got nervous and worked on getting rid of those nerves. You see, there is a precision of timing —a rhythm, like music, to it. I love laughing and making people laugh. Drama is the opposite —it's a messy kind of rhythm to it. I try different things and love affecting people that way. ML:What's the role you wish you could play? CW: My bucket list role is to play a superhero. I'm a closet geek… I am a geek! I love Marvel Comics' Black Panther. I'd also like to do a western someday and carry a six gun, do the cops and robbers thing as I did when I was a kid. ML: I read that if you weren't acting, you'd put together a jazz album. Do you play any instruments or sing? CW: I do sing. I'm actually pretty addicted to karaoke lately. I have a guitar that I need to practice a lot more and piano too. In junior high, I played the saxophone. I want to pick it up again. I guess actors want to be musicians, and musicians want to be actors. I fall into that stereotype. ML: Story is that you not only act, but teach. I hear you hold free acting classes on weekends. Tell us about that. CW: I've been teaching acting classes for the past three years now on Saturday afternoons. I strictly volunteer. I noticed my church provided improv, dance, music classes, but no traditional acting classes, so I decided to offer and give back. My students get to benefit from my current obstacles. I enjoy giving back. Teaching them goes back to the fundamentals. ML: On your Twitter profile (@1lovecress) you list "teacher" before "actor", do you enjoy one more than the other? CW: I started teaching at a time that I was acting, but not too much. My desire to act is way too strong. ML:What advice do you give your students? MIAMI LIVING 69 CW: I tell students that I give them permission to act badly. I've seen other people do it. It winds up being better than before because they are not operating from fear. I tell them to go have fun and take charge of their work. Don't put casting directors on pedestals, go as you are. I believe that is what makes a great actor. ML: Besides working (acting and teaching), what else do you enjoy doing? CW: I enjoy spending time with my 7-year-old daughter. I love everything that involves her; hanging out with her. I also do a friends dinner on Wednesdays, where we hang out by breaking bread and doing karaoke. I workout a lot too. ML: Karaoke, huh? What's your favorite tune? CW: "Try a Little Tenderness" by Harry Connick, Jr. to Al Green, show tunes and Rent songs. ML: You were born in Germany. Do you speak any German? CW: No, my father was in the army and called my mom and said, 'Let's make a baby.' So she flew to Germany and that's where I was conceived and born. ML: Tell us about your holiday plans. CW: It's just me and my daughter. My mom is a few minutes from the house. My brother is in Indiana and my sister finished up college in the south. We grew up in Mississippi. I guess we have a non- traditional approach in my family. For Halloween, I take my daughter trick-or-treating. I don't know what to be yet. For Thanksgiving, mom will dictate, now that she's back. We invite people who don't have a place to be and split kitchen duties with everyone. For Christmas, it's very non-traditional; we like to have pizza or tacos. If I have turkey once a year, I'm good. I try and stay in town during the holidays. ML

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