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PEOPLE AMONG THE STARS Starry-eyed beauty, Casey LaBow isn't just Breaking Dawn, she's breaking ground Words by Vanessa Pascale • Photographer: Dove Shore Hair Stylist: Jakob Sherwood • Makeup Artist: Anna Branson • Wardrobe: Luke Storey Casey LaBow is early for our interview and already seated on the outdoor patio of Oscar's Cerveteca, in Venice Beach, eating tortilla chips and guacamole when I arrive. (Later on, I find out that we're in her neighborhood and that she has ridden her bicycle here to meet me.) I attempt to balance myself on the barstool beside her, unsteadied by the uneven pavement beneath me. "Here —give me your bag." Casey takes the purse from my lap and sets it on the table. "Are you good?" Styled in jeans and a sheer, beigey button-up layered over a white t-shirt, her long, blonde hair is twisted up high on her head and she appears to hardly have a stitch of make-up on, yet looks astoundingly flawless. An ethereal beauty, her large crystal blue eyes and pouty lips are striking —it's immediately evident to me why she was chosen to join the most renowned coterie of vampires to grace the silver screen. This November, the final chapter of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2 premieres —showcasing Casey as the fair-haired Russian vampire, Kate Denali, with electrifying (literally) powers. The Denali coven, comprised of Kate and her two sisters, make a brief appearance at Bella and Edward's wedding in Breaking Dawn's first installment. Part 2 is where Kate's story really unfolds. "There's a lot more of me in this one. There's like a whole—" she pauses. "You might get sick of me…" says Casey jokingly. "Things get weird and they call us back. And, I get a boyfriend, played by Lee Pace, who's a phenomenal actor." Twilight-mania hasn't flipped Casey's life upside down yet— but it very well might once the movie debuts. "I'll leave that up to the gods. If it is meant to be that way, then fine. That's something that obviously comes with the territory." Having joined the cast that includes the closely followed trio —Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner—, I ask Casey if there were any surprises that she recalls during filming. "Ummm," she ponders. "I saw some women descend from the sky." Her mouth turns up into a smile. "For the most part, we were really kind of secluded and I think that was SEASONAL STAPLES "I'm a layers girl. I'm all about the T-shirt over this shirt over this sweater, a good pair of boots, jeans, throw on a hat, scarf and gloves -- I'm from New York. I like the change of the seasons. Accessories make everything better!" she expresses jubilantly. "Do you know Absolutely Fabulous (the British sitcom)? Patsy, the blonde who is always chain-smoking and doing drugs, went on some TV show as a fashion correspondent and she couldn't remember the word: accessories. Sorry, I go on tangents, but there was something about that moment that reminded me. 'Hats! Gloves! And belts!'" Casey belts out animatedly. "'Hats! Gloves! And belts!' She's like, 'I can't remember the word!'" she says with unbridled laughter. "Watch that show, it will thoroughly entertain you." 64 MIAMI LIVING

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