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COVER STORY Top by Michael Volkar Earrings unmarked Jil Sander vintage pants Pearl Bracelet by Sumthin Cute Vintage Wooden Bracelet by Jenny Dayco 'I'M NOT BAD. I'M JUST DRAWN THAT WAY' –Jessica Rabbit Commonly perceived as a bad girl, Willa sees herself as "a farm girl that had a really, really big dream that went completely against the grain of what I was raised like. I'm still the girl that went to church and is at Bible study. And then, I'm the same girl that's on Magic City... You can't pigeonhole me. I am open to all things, all possibilities, and people." She recites Jessica Rabbit's quote (above). "You look the way you look, and you can do different things to tone that down… Who you are and what you look like can be two completely different things, which could sum me up a little bit. But I also play into it. I mean if that's what's needed on Magic City, I'm like, alright," she confesses. 62 MIAMI LIVING

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