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HOLIDAY Miami Living's Holiday Gift Guide EDITOR'S PICKS Words by Vanessa Pascale Key Ingredient Recipe Reader I am a passionate collector of recipes, and my sad, jam-packed binder was just not cutting it anymore, so when I heard about the Recipe Reader by Key Ingredient it was as if the cookery gods heard my prayers. This kitchen-safe (protected against spills!) touchscreen, digital recipe reader allows me to store up to 5,000 recipes, and has useful features like, built-in timers, a conversions calculator, a shortlist (great for when you're whipping up a feast of foods, e.g. Thanksgiving, and need to flip back and forth between a few recipes)... Simply sync recipes from your account (Holy yum! It's like a food-only Pinterest) to your reader and you have everything you need to create a mouthwatering masterpiece in this amazing, space-saving tool. Seriously, it's the ideal gift for the culinary craftsman. $199.95 Olloclip 3-in-one Photo Lens Who isn't obsessed with their iPhone? We're always looking for the next cool, new app, accessory or gadget to amp up our phone. Well, I found it! The olloclip 3-in-one photo lens snaps directly over the camera lens of your iPhone 4 /4s and allows you to take photos in three different views: fisheye, wide- angle and macro. Take picture-snapping to the next level. You thought you Instagramed and Facebooked photos habitually before, this lens will create a photo frenzy. Look for the olloclip for the iPhone 5 debuting this November. Available at Target, Sprint, Best Buy, Apple and $69.99 Clear Rayz Red & Blue Light Therapy As their marketing slogan reads, Clear Rayz is "the smart approach to treating acne." Smart it is. This great, FDA-approved, handheld device kills bacteria under the skin with it's safe blue LED light (at 415 nanometers), while its red LED light (at 633 nanometers) combats inflammation and heals the breakout. Its clinically-proven, light therapy is a breakthrough for those with moderate acne. Bye-bye topical creams, hello clear skin. Use for only 12 minutes daily and you will begin to see fantastic results. Simple and effective! Available at $199 Topchips by Mastrad Homemade treats are the best, right? What's even better is when they boast a fraction of the calories their store-bought counterparts have. The geniuses at Mastrad (the #1 kitchen utensil company in France) created a product (Topchips) that allows you to make your own chips, without the fat and grease, in your microwave. Pretty impressive, huh? The set includes everything you need to make delicious, crispy chips: high-grade silicone Topchips tray, slicer, seasoning —even recipes. In as little as three minutes you can make chips from potatoes, apples, mangos... As a frequent dinner-party hostess, this makes my life a whole lot easier. Yummy snacks are covered in a pinch. Available at $19.99 Fῡchen Tis' the season to drink and be Fῡchen merry! Encased in a chic, red bottle, Fῡchen is the first American-made premium herbal liqueur. This perfect-for-the-holidays (love the festive crimson) liqueur is a warming, smooth blend of cinnamon, vanilla and various aromatics. True to its German heritage, this rich, delicious blend is a two-time gold medal winner. Have a glass on the rocks or combine it with a mixer. Their website lists a bunch of tasty, signature cocktail recipes. For a delicious after-dinner drink, try the German Café: 2 oz Fῡchen, 4 oz hot or iced coffee, 1 oz Baileys. Garnish with whipped cream, chocolate powder and cinnamon sugar. As their website boasts, it's Fῡchen awesome! ML MIAMILIVING 35

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