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CHARITY Formerly Known as November Movember: The Month Raising Money, Awareness & Bringing Back the Moustache Words by Matthew Weeks Hey guys, you know those mornings when you stare at yourself, half asleep in front of the trails of your finger-smudged mirror. The alarm beeps violently in the background and the last thing you ever want to do is shave for work. No need to feel embarrassed, we've all been there – nursing blood shot eyes, pneumonia breath, and facial hair that's as coarse as sand. Well, starting November 1st , you can eliminate that disastrous equation from your ritualistic grooming routine. For thirty days during the month of November, you can participate in Movember by ignoring your dull, 10-cent plastic razor and growing your very own moustache. If you've yet to discover Movember, this international charity event generates awareness and donations for various men's health issues; more specifically, prostate cancer and other notable cancers that affect men. Originating in Melbourne, Australia, Movember has become a right of passage for more than 1.9 million men across the globe. From Hawaii to Hong Kong, Delaware to Denmark, and Florida to Fiji, Movember educates men on early detection, diagnosis, and effective treatments for various health risks. This past year alone, 850,000+ Mo Bros participated in this global event and raised $126.3 million. Not too shabby, huh? Furthermore, the funds raised are equally distributed to educational programs throughout the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG. So what happens at the end of the month? That's simple: Party! Each participating Mo Bros dresses in their Sunday best, spritzes on some cologne, shaves off their elaborate moustache, and celebrates at one of Movember's infamous galas. Sadly, as the expression goes, "all good things must come to an end." Or do they? Luckily, for those of you interested in shaving, grooming, or refining your moustachery masterpieces, Shaving by Alexander exists. For the past several years, Shaving by Alexander has been an integral member of Movember, guiding participants and curious patrons throughout every step of the artistic shaving process. 28 MIAMI LIVING and took over 12 rigorous years of industry research and scientific study to develop. If you who haven't met the man, the myth, the legend that is Alex Skijus, you're missing out because he epitomizes one of mankind's most unique specimens. Even Charles Darwin couldn't argue against his distinct genetic make-up. Born and raised in the Sunshine State, this dedicated, mad soap scientist has the personal demeanor that rivals the hilarity, high jinx, and uncanny genius of Cosmo Kramer. Watch out ladies, his kavorka works! Do yourself a favor and contact Alex, not just for Movember or your shaving needs but also for anything in between. I promise you a story will unfold that lasts your lifetime. ML For additional information, please visit: Movember Web: Email: Facebook: Twitter: With a cornucopia of grooming items, Shaving by Alexander offers handcrafted German composite Dovo Straight and Merkur Safety razors. Additionally, Alexander's Shaving Soap® natural ingredients that serve as antibacterials and astringents. In turn, this produces an olive oil and glycerin shave base that kills any potential surface bacteria. Meanwhile, Alexander's After Shave Gel® exfoliates your skin the natural way by catalyzing the decaying process of dying skin. The formula's extract ingredients help soothe your skin, deflate inflammation, and target discoloration. Shaving by Alexander's pièce de résistance is their Ingrown Hair Eliminating Shave Kit® , which is specifically designed to naturally remove ingrown hairs, rid irritation, and deflate razor burn. This carefully constructed product possesses a 90% success rate with consumers contains four Shaving by Alexander Web: Email: Facebook: Shaving-by-Alexander Twitter: Alexander and senior writer Matthew Weeks (right) in South Beach. Alex Skijus (left), President and Founder of Shaving by

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