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MIAMI LIVING 91 MIAMI LIVING 91 PROFILE Cambean Earth Welcome to the future of hospitality Brian Scheinblum, president of Miami Beach- based Cambean Hospitality, walks around his four boutique hotels composed, attentive, and determined. He is a man on a mission, and his mission is to bring true sustainable hospitality to South Beach. While South Beach was originally founded on excess and decadence, Scheinblum is now making a strong case for conservation and sustainability. And why not. "I want to prove that being environmentally responsible can be sexy, too," he says. In the heart of South Beach, Cambean recently debuted its premier green hotel that is destined to change the possibilities and perceptions of hospitality in Miami Beach. Here, glamour has fused with "green;" superfluous exists with sustainability; extravagance meets simplicity. This shift in mindset emanates from Cambean Hospitality's Clifton South Beach Hotel, and its energy is contagious. The recently opened Clifton provides a unique experience for the guests and patrons who visit the property. During the two-year, multi-million-dollar renovation of this historic Art Deco boutique hotel, every element of the property was considered in Cambean's quest for the ultimate in sustainable design. Components were designed to be as "green" as possible, from the towels, the furniture, the bathrooms, the food, the keycards for the guestrooms. Even the art was produced from recycled or sustainable resources. And with The Clifton leading the way, the adoption of these innovative ideas into Cambean's other properties—The Nash, The Carlton, and The Majestic—will provide new experiences for their guests staying in South Beach. "Guests of The Clifton, and later the other properties, will feel and experience pampering on a whole new level of eco-conscious luxury," says Scheinblum. "With sustainable hospitality solutions, we can elevate the guest experience through interaction with environmentally responsible products and ways of doing things, and ultimately impact their lives by educating them on the long-term benefits of being 'green'." The sustainable programs, systems, and initiatives that Cambean Hospitality has incorporated into the renaissance of the Clifton as a green hotel have emerged as a new brand, appropriately known as "Cambean Earth." Cambean Earth, which encompasses all of the initiatives, programs and systems created by Cambean Hospitality to promote sustainable hospitality, is the cornerstone of the next generation of hotels to preserve the Miami Beach lifestyle. The recent opening of The Clifton South Beach, located on Collins Avenue, introduced the first Cambean Earth branded property and incorporates "green" amenities on a scale not yet seen in South Beach. "South Beach is the forefront of fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle trends," says Scheinblum. "With Cambean Earth, South Beach is now on the forefront of sustainable hospitality." Locally, Cambean Earth is helping fund charities that enrich the environment through the Cambean Earth Environmental Fund, which is supported through room sales, guest donations, retail sales, and fund-raising events hosted at Cambean properties. One recipient of the fund is the Everglades Foundation because of their leadership role in preserving South Florida's environmental landmark and because it is a model for progressive sustainability efforts. "The environment is very important to South Beach tourism. People love the attraction the beach brings and, while we aren't in the Everglades, the environmental importance it has on South Beach can't be understated," says Scheinblum. As one of the most diverse cities in the world, embracing environmental stewardship is the role of leading hospitality companies—and Cambean Hospitality is establishing its presence alongside the most prominent hoteliers. South Beach is a confluence of international cultures and this is yet another aspect that will attract people and change some minds—and do it with the sophistication and lifestyle that is South Beach. If you're ready to treat yourself to a bit of special time, check out: and—you won't go away disappointed. And then be sure to follow up with a visit: 1433 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; (305) 672-5858. ML Brian Scheinblum, President, Cambean Hospitality

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