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88 MIAMI LIVING PEOPLE Artist Rubem Robierb was born in the Brazilian state of Maranhão. For many years, he lived between poetry and photography, using photos to translate his words into images and make them visual. As time went by, he found that photography had become the greatest part of his life and work. As an artist, Robierb focuses on the human figure as his main theme. His portraits show the cultural diversity of his native country, Brazil, focusing primarily on its ethnic cultures. With what type of photography have you had the most "success"? I enjoy success and passion in fine art, portraits, and fashion photography. In 2005, my work was discovered by a French Association that was looking for new talent. I was invited to show my work in Paris and Aix en Provence, France. After that exhibit, my works were shown in eleven other exhibits in six different countries in the next three years. Any funny or embarrassing moments? One day after an exhausting show in Provence, I had just checked out of my hotel and arrived at the train station only to find my train had been canceled. I took a bus back to the hotel and lost my luggage. When I arrived back in the city I discovered that the hotels in the city were all full. It was late and I was tired. I sat on a bench, only to look up and see a huge bright advertisement for my show that evening. I began to laugh at my circumstance. There I was with my name up in lights, but with nowhere to sleep that night other than in the streets. It is this very contrast in life that draws me in and inspires me to take pictures. I laughed until I cried. Tell us about your most recent show. My most recent show was "Spiritual Portrait" at Icon, in December 2008, during Art Basel here in Miami. I made this show with the painter Robert Finch. It's a mix between photography and abstract paint. Those works were made possible by my sponsors, the Nadir Foundation and Merk & Co., because of my donation to Nadir of a portion of my proceeds over the years. The show was so well attended in Miami that it was then that Miami for me felt like home. Tell us about your involvement with Miami and the arts scene here. I enjoy visiting all the galleries in Miami, especially in the Design District. I love the Dotfiftyone Gallery. What are you working on now? I am currently working on an upcoming project of portraits, videos, and interviews that illustrates Latin Women in Miami and their influence that helped build and shape all of Miami. What are your future goals? My life goal is to create a fundraising organization through my art that will raise money to help poor people all over the world. In my travels I have seen poverty at all levels and what impact it has on the human condition. These people have inspired me and become a part of my life's work and I look forward to the day that my art can give back to them. How can people find out what you're up to? Visit me at:; or email me at: ML Portraits of Poetry Meet photographer Rubem Robierb "Grace" 40 x 40; acrylic on metallic paper; 2006 "Rubem Robierb" by Pete Tierney "Mandala" 40 x 40; acrylic on metallic paper; 2008

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