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PROFILE MIAMI LIVING 87 Scott Hauser just wanted to throw a birthday party for himself on South Beach. Friends of his who owned a local nightclub told him that if he filled the club with enough people, the club would provide the music and entertainment for free. How difficult could it be, thought Hauser, to find the people, especially since he was working at a local gym at the time and was in contact with so many people? He started telling the members of the club about his plans and before he knew it people were giving him their e-mail addresses. "I had never thrown a birthday for myself before," admits Hauser. But he liked the challenge since it gave him the chance to see what he could pull off, and, on a more personal note, find out how much people actually liked him. "After collecting numerous e-mails I sent out invites thinking that only fifty people would show up," he says. The turnout surprised even Hauser's wildest expectations. When three hundred people showed up to dance, drink, and have a great time, Hauser knew he was on to something big. "Scott, I think you really have something here," whispered a friend in his ear that night. And so H&H Promotions was born, a company single-handedly conceived, designed, and managed by Hauser. Its simple philosophy is to bring together an eclectic array of people from all walks of life in the community. "[I wanted] something catchy and something that everyone could relate to," Hauser says about his company's name. The concept behind His and Hers Promotions is also simple—Hauser wanted to create parties that were free to everyone and not inclusive. "I never wanted anyone to feel as though they were chosen to come," he says. 'Anyone can attend' is the policy behind H&H Promotions. And Hauser means anyone. "I wanted someplace where everyone could come together in a non-threatening and safe environment. Where it did not matter whether you are gay, straight, a man, or a woman." The H&H Promotions vibe is all about equality and democracy on the dance floor. And no expensive drinks, either (like most other places on South Beach). His visions for a fun, safe, and relaxing environment with an open attitude have paid off and people are flocking to his parties like never before. Hauser now hosts a party on the rooftop of the Townhouse Hotel on the beach. "The atmosphere is amazing," he says. "There are couches to lounge on, three bars to drink from, and a large floor to mix and mingle on." He sends a barrage of e-mails out to people informing them of the next party and to bring at least one friend. The interest had become so great that people began bombarding Hauser to find out when the next party was. Smart businessman that he is, Hauser realized that if he organized a party a week the crowd could very easily tire of him. So instead, he now hosts a party once a month. Attendance has grown to well over five-hundred people and the mood is always inviting. The music varies from CD mixes to professional DJs, when special permits can been obtained. It's a great place to meet new people and Hauser says the Townhouse staff is so friendly that it's almost impossible not to have a great time. It's been five years since the day Hauser pulled together his own birthday party and people showed up. And lucky man that he is, he's still celebrating. Wanna party? Contact Scott Hauser at Equinox, 520 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. (305) 673-1172. ML "I wanted someplace where everyone could come together in a non-threatening and safe environment." "It's My Party" Scott Hauser's search for the ultimate bash Words by Allister Timms

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