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MIAMI LIVING 81 PROFILE Feeling tuckered out, in need of a pick- me-up? Hit the work-wall in midafternoon and still have a stack of paperwork to plow through before the boss lets you head on home? You could hammer back another nasty cup of bottom-of-the-pot java. But we all know that doesn't really do the trick. And did we mention it tastes … nasty? No more worries—DynaPep is here. What's that, you ask? Let's back-track for a moment…. In the late 1980s, Red Bull introduced energy drinks to the world. By 2008, the energy drink biz hit $6.5 billion in sales with Red Bull still in the lead. But if entrepreneur and Miami native Lisa Krinsky has anything to say about it, DynaPep, the world's first supercharged energy micro-shot, will be the next big thing. Actually, according to hordes of recent converts, high-profile endorsees, and merchants who keep reordering because sales are so brisk, DynaPep is the newest and hottest energizing product on the market. DynaPep is manufactured by Krinsky's pharmaceutical/biotechnology company IntoCell, Inc., based in Boca Raton. Founded in 2007 by Krinsky CEO), and her partner, Paul Edelmann (President), the company manufactures and distributes nutraceuticals to consumers and healthcare professionals in thousands of retail locations nationally. DynaPep uses a proprietary "Get It Now" technology. Up to now, consumers who didn't want to guzzle a full can of energy juice had to be satisfied with various two- ounce products. But at .175 ounces (4 ml), the time-released concentrated adrenaline jolt of DynaPep's micro-shot is the ultimate in convenience. Plus, the small ampule fits well in pocket or purse. How much better could it get? For starters, DynaPep contains no sugar, no calories, no carbonation, no cans, no bottles, and best of all—according to new converts—no crash. DynaPep's ingredients are all derived from natural sources. "There's science behind all our products," says Krinsky. And DynaPep couldn't be easier to use: Just twist and snap off the tip, squeeze the flexible plastic vial, and squirt the DynaPep straight into your mouth for ten times your normal zip for up to ten hours. Don't just take our word for it—a roster of high-profile spokespeople have joined the DynaPep team, including Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) #1 Light Heavyweight champion Rashad Evans; Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) champion Paul Buentello; and Joseph R. Gannascoli (Vito from The Sopranos). Plus, the coming year will see high-profile sponsorships between DynaPep and: Fox Sports; National Hot Rod Association (NHRA); UFC/MMA; the National BMX Tour, and others. You'll see these folks and organizations at events all over the nation in the coming months, extolling the virtues of DynaPep— and with good reason. Its patented two-tier delivery system is a proven winner, and allows for a time-release adrenaline jolt. The first tier (the proprietary "Get It Now" technology) allows immediate absorption. The second tier offers a continuous feed of energy. This unique formulation ramps up to deliver hours of intensified focus, greater concentration, and explosive performance lasting longer than all the competitors. And best of all, DynaPep does not rely solely on caffeine … and did we mention that there's no crash-and-burn? Count on it. "I love growing a company," says Krinsky. "That's what I have the passion for. If you can wake up every day and like what you're doing, that's half the battle." With such a dedicated CEO at the helm, it's a cinch that DynaPep is a product born of true dedication and passion. So what are you waiting for? If you already like what you do, then imagine how much better it will be with a jolt of DynaPep…. If you're ready for the hottest new pick- me-up, DynaPep is now available at GNC locations, Walgreens, Speedway, Duane Reade, Fred Meyer Stores, HESS, and more than 15,000 convenience stores across the United States. And if you still can't find it … visit! Rock on. ML DynaPep Meet the world's first supercharged Energy Micro-Shot!

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