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78 MIAMI LIVING ML EXCLUSIVE ML: This is Ricardo's second film, and he took three years to deliver it. I say this because he is so precise and stylish and well-paced. What do you think of this approach to filmmaking? EP: Ricardo allows his actors a lot of freedom and is always eager to hear your ideas. He lets you try them out and develop your character. Working with him is very easy, and I find his approach to making films to be quite intimate … very close and real. It transmits and evokes a reaction in the audience, and he pulls you into the story. ML: Tell us about Ximena. Why did you want to play her? EP: Because I think she's a very real person with whom a lot of people can identify. Ximena's a little lost. She's not happy, and she realizes she needs to change some aspects of her life. That's why she decides to run away to Máncora with Santiago. All the answers she's looking for are there. I think what she transmits is that reality. ML: What do you think of her and what she does, how she behaves? EP: To be honest I don't like to pass judgment on the behavior of my characters. Ximena reacts to her life, to her surroundings, much like any young person who's carrying the weight of her past on her shoulders would. She just wants to run away from her problems. I think that you need to face and confront them in order to conquer them because otherwise you will never get over them. ML: Did you ever have any experiences like Ximena and Santiago and Iñigo, I mean, taking a road trip like they do? EP: I've taken many trips, but none like the one they took, to be honest. ML: What was it like to shoot on location in Peru? Had you been there before? EP: I have fallen head-over-heels in love with Peru—as much with its people as with its food that impressed me so much. There's places like Máncora, which is a little paradise that few people know, that the movie has captured…. What you see on screen is what you get there. It's beautiful. ML: What were the most challenging aspects of shooting on-location? EP: Every shoot has its complications, but in this particular case the atmosphere was so good. All the actors got along, and our relationship with Ricardo was great, so in that sense, there was no difficulty. The most challenging thing was our own internal work to get the characters right and do the story justice. ML: Do you have any anecdotes of the production you can share with us? EP: I remember that one of the parties in the movie was shot in a little town near Máncora, and that everyone became so involved in the scene, in the production, that it really turned into an authentic little- town party, much like the ones they usually have. At one point in the scene there's a fight, and when we were shooting the police arrived and started controlling the crowd. Ricardo had to cut and explain to them that we were shooting a movie because they police hadn't even realized it was all make-believe. ML: What did you think of Máncora? EP: It's paradise. It's a wonderful place and a perfect setting for these characters to get lost in. There are people from all over the place there, which is something the movie portrays. Máncora is a much of a character in the movie as any of us. For young people it's the perfect place to escape and enjoy. If you'd like to know more about this gracious and beautiful actress, visit her online at: ML "At one point in the scene there's a fight, and when we were shooting the police arrived and started controlling the crowd." Production: Dreamland Comunicación. Photographer: Jaume de Laiguana. Makeup: Gilberto Yánez Suárez for MAC Stylist: Ana Antic Wardrobe: Stradivarius Accessories: Time Force *Our thanks to: Nizuc Resorts & Residences.

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