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1. MIA Miami International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States—close to JFK in NY. On average, approximately 46,230 passengers walk through the pathways of our airport each day. In January of this year, 1,433,312 passengers were enplaned and deplaned, roughly 1.19% more than last year's January total. 2. Even the Mayor is on Facebook The mayor of Miami Dade County, Carlos Alvarez, began the 2009 year by launching a Facebook page on which he hopes to connect with residents, share photos and stories about County programs, events and services, and provide a forum where residents can post comments about their experiences at County parks, facilities, and events, and about County services. 3. Buyers now protected In a market with so many foreclosures, buyers must beware of sellers with secrets. Secrets that could potentially ruin what would seem to be a great sale to the innocent buyer. This is why Miami Dade County adopted Ordinance No. 08-133, which requires that title holders of foreclosed properties obtain a Certificate of Use prior to offering the property for sale, transfer, or alienation. It requires filing a disclosure and findings report, which identifies building or zoning code violations for such properties, and contains a good- faith estimate of the cost to remedy any deficiencies. 4. Five Guys If you're into burgers and fries, you'll absolutely LOVE Five Guys. Forget your fast food burgers and greasy fries. At Five Guys, they use the absolute freshest ingredients. They offer 15 free toppings for your mouth-watering burgers, and when you order fries they overflow from the brown paper bag, giving you more fries than you bargained for. There are seven locations in South Florida. Visit to find one near you. 5. Fun is a park away Miami's parks aren't just for the grass and children's playgrounds. The county offers more than 30 activities ranging from baseball and softball to boxing and arts and crafts. They even offer a variety of senior programs for adults aged 55 and older at 20 locations. For more information, visit 6. What do you want to do? Sitting at home on the couch wondering what to do tonight? Consider yourself lucky if you live in Miami. We have more than 50 movie theaters, more than 7,500 restaurants, approximately 510 bars, and, for the culturally curious, about 14 museums, including our very own Museum of Contemporary Art, which explores different aspects of, well, contemporary art! Located in the northern part of Miami MOCA's upcoming exhibitions explore abstract cinema and technology. For more info, visit ML Miami by the Numbers Curious about your city? Try these unique and fascinating Miami facts. . . . Words by Irama Valdes MIAMI LIVING 37 KNOWLEDGE

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