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1. Every year thousands of people across Miami celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Will you be a part of the festivities this year? A) 40%: Si! Cinco de Mayo is a lot of fun and I can't wait until Happy Hour! B) 20%: Cinco de Mayo falls on a Tuesday so I won't be celebrating too much. C) 40%: I'm more of a St. Patrick's Day person. I think I'm going to skip this one. 2. Miami is known for a lot of strange things, including … psychics. Are you heading to the Psychic Fair at Coral Castle? A) 40%: I'm in touch with that world and I need to have my tarot cards read! B) 10%: Are you kidding? None of that stuff is real. They can't fool me. C) 50%: It might be worth checking out. After all it could be fun. 3. What is your opinion about the annual Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in July? A) 30%: I think it's great to have a fashion dedicated to swimwear and resort collections. B) 50%: I think a fashion week just for swimsuits is too much. I like clothing variety. C) 20%: It's all the same to me. I'm more interested in sporting events. 4. Hurricane season is almost here. What kind of season do you think we will have … and are you ready? A) 70%: Oh boy, here we go again! I hope it's another slow season. B) 20%: I already bought batteries, canned food, and shutters. I fear the worst! C) 10%: Who knows? But I will keep a close eye and prepare as I go. 5. This year the Goombay Festival will celebrate its 33rd year and the Miami/Bahamian community wants everyone to be there. Will you attend? A) 40%: Yes, I love that festival in Coconut Grove. The food and music are great. B) 40%: I've never heard of it before, but I'll check it out. C) 20%: I want to go but … maybe next year. 6. Spring has come and gone and summer is ready to take over. With endless possibilities, what are your plans? A) 20%: There are only reruns on TV, so I plan to spend the summer enjoying the outdoors. B) 40%: I'm out of town, but I will be back in time for the fall season. C) 40%: I'm going to go to the beach every chance I get and catch up on movies. 7. Happy Birthday, America! The United States signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. How will you be spending the Fourth of July? A) 10%: I enjoy staying at home and watching all of the patriotic TV specials. B) 80%: The family, friends, and I are having a barbeque and then watching the fireworks. C) 10%: I'm putting on everything that I own in red, white, and blue and going out! 8. Did you know that this year, since the addition of Dwyane Wade, Zo's Summer Groove is now known as The Summer Groove? A) 30%: Yes! And it will only get better with Dwyane Wade! B) 20%: No. I had no idea Wade was on board, but I think it's a good thing. C) 50%: I can't believe it's that time of the year again. Time's going by too fast! ML Readers' Voices! Miami Living readers speak out on current political and social issues. Words by Angela Betancourt MIAMI LIVING 25 READER SURVEY MIAMI LIVING 25

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