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Meet Rick Spelman…. Personal Interests: Anything that has to do with boards, boots, and bindings, and preferably surfing. Plus, a lot of beach time, making money, and hanging out with family and friends. Favorite Miami hangouts: Chillin' under the sun at 3rd, behind the boat in the bay. Plus, the sand bar and the islands! And it's always a party with Street Kind—you'll never have a dull moment! How did you get started in the biz? I was approached by a photographer (with an eagle eye and alias name) that wanted to get in my pants. After shooting, she sent some pics off, then I started getting calls for jobs. At 18, I thought it was a great opportunity to make money, and two-and-a-half years later I was doing it full time! (And no, she didn't get in my pants….) Any advice for young model-hopefuls? Be ready for some grinding hours of work and travel. Have a good head on your shoulders, get a lot of sleep, and have a workout plan. Try to be professional at all times, and be on time (with your iPod and much to read)! When it's time to shine, show your moves. Don't get caught up in the party scene. You have your whole career ahead of you! Take all the free time you have in between modeling and find yourself. Best part about modeling: The travel! It goes hand-in-hand with surf trips! Proudest achievements: In life, it is to be alive and finding what true love really is. In modeling, it's knowing the client is happy and making money, then everyone is happy! Favorite pastimes/hobbies: Making people laugh and smile, and finding cheap airline tickets to surf with family and friends! Favorite charities: Giving. When I'm traveling, I always carrying a bag of clothes that I give to kids and families that are in need. It's an inexplicable addictive feeling to make someone's day! If you could date anyone: KJB forever…. If you could change one thing about yourself: I would like to change myself into a God, to bring peace and healing to my world. Who are you represented by? Elite Miami ( ML Height: 6' 1" Shoes: 12 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Suit: 40" Waist: 31" Shirt: 15.5" FACES MIAMI LIVING 31

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