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1. People watch the Super Bowl for many different reasons. Some like the games and others like the commercials. What's your reason? A) 20% It's all about teams and the game! Nothing else matters. B) 60% Honestly, I only watch for the commercials and to hang out with friends. C) 20% The Super Bowl? Seriously, isn't there anything better on TV that Sunday? 2. February 19-22 is the Food Network South Beach Food & Wine Festival. Do you plan on attending any of the events this year? A) 0% Absolutely. I purchased tickets for all of the events late last year. B) 20% The event I liked sold out so I will only do the tasting village. C) 80% I will try to make it to whatever party I can get into. 3. Are you excited that the Winter Music Conference is coming to town March 24-28? A) 20% Yes! I'm very excited, but I think it should be called the "Spring" music conference. B) 60% I have never done anything with the WMC, but there is a first time for everything. C) 20% I'm not really that excited about it because I'm not into the scene. 4. On March 15, Miami will be home to the International Triathlon. Will you sign up for it? A) 40% Just saying the word "triathlon" makes me tired. I'm in bad shape. B) 0% I'm pumped! My personal trainer says I'm top form, so I'm there! C) 60% Miami is having a triathlon? I won't have enough time to get ready. 5. The Miami International Boat Show is one of the most anticipated events for the city. What do you think makes it special? A) 20% Anyone who is a fan of boats will think this is event is special. There is something for everyone. B) 40% The best part about the boat show are all the amazing yacht parties. C) 40% The show attracts people from all over the world. I see it as a great networking opportunity. 6. Cupids, hearts, chocolate, and roses are staples during Valentine's Day. How do you feel about this lover's holiday? A) 40% Valentine's Day is the best day of the year, whether I'm single or not. B) 20% I hate it and I dress only in black for the entire week. C) 40% It depends on my current relationship status. 7. Do you think the Miami International Film Festival, taking place March 6-15, rivals those held in other worldly cities? A) 20% The quality of the films is excellent and our festival is up to par. B) 20% Other festivals draw A-list celebrities in larger numbers. C) 60% Miami International Film Festival becomes more prestigious each year. 8. Do you think it's a good idea that the Langerado Music Festival is coming to Bicentennial Park this year? A) 60% I think it's great to add another music festival to Miami this time of year. B) 20% I have never heard of Langerado, but I plan on looking into it. C) 20% No way! Langerado is going to create even more chaos in the area. ML Readers' Voices! Miami Living readers speak out on current political and social issues. Words by Angela Betancourt MIAMI LIVING 25 READER SURVEY MIAMI LIVING 25

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