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MIAMI LIVING 109 It was time for a change. I wanted to do something new, something exciting. So I finally threw caution to the wind and accepted my manicurist's suggestion of painting my nails Cherry Passion Red. She's been telling me that it would look lovely with my red hair. While waiting for my turn at her nail station, I glanced at the pages of the latest issue of People … and I saw a photo of Angelina Jolie with her many kids. And that's when the idea hit me. No, I did not want to adopt a child. I already have full lips, thanks. Only a miracle from God and abstaining forevermore from Krispy Kremes might give me Lara Croft's body. Such a sacrifice was out of the question. But Mrs. Pitt's tattoos.… That, I could do! The idea planted firmly in my mind, I grabbed my purse, ran out of the nail saloon, and into Cool Cat Tattoo, where I was sure a Michelangelo of ink awaited, ready to help with my transformation, brush—ahem, needle—in hand. I was greeted with red, black, and blue walls covered with art. Dan King, owner and artist of Cool Cat Tattoo, welcomed me to his business. Friendly and helpful, he sent me in search of the drawing I would like permanently applied on my skin. There were thousands of designs available, many from experienced artists specializing in portraits, Japanese and tribal art, and more. These "cool" and friendly artists work together with their customers to arrive at the perfect tattoo. I was to learn that there is no attitude, only good tattoos. While I waited for my turn with Dan, I looked at drawings of skulls, animals, flowers, angels, and so much more. The constant buzzing of the needles in the background accompanied me in my search. There are five cubicles at the tattoo parlor, each hosting an artist. All are decorated with personal and professional memorabilia, a mingle of family photos, Pez dispensers, art books, Elvis sculptures, tattoo magazines, hula girl figurines (shaking in time with the buzz-buzz-buzz of the needles), Buddha statues, and plenty of colorful ink bottles. I found out that at Cool Cat Tattoo, equipment such as initial piercing jewelry and needles for tattoos and piercing are strictly single-use and dated. Autoclave or Ethylene Oxide Gas sterilized needles are disposed in Board of Health-approved sharps containers. Hygiene and health are of the utmost importance here. I filled out and signed a Medical Disclosure and Release Form, and I was ready to begin. The only thing holding me back was the choice of tattoo. Like a kid in a candy store, I was having a hard time deciding. I had it narrowed down to a dainty red-and-aqua butterfly on my shoulder blade, or little yellow flowers on my lower back. Decisions, decisions…. Then a thought occurs to me: Perhaps I do not want a tattoo, but something else entirely. Fortunately, that's not a problem here. I can get pierced at Cool Cat Tattoo. But then, what should I pierce? Hmm…. I try to keep in mind that the human body is a masterpiece, a clean canvas ready for art. All I have to do is show up with an open mind, then choose: Ink or silver. Hmm, decisions, decisions…. While I make up my mind, be sure to check out this Cool Cat Tattoos at 3579 NW 9 Ave., (Powerline Rd.); (954) 568-9522; or 1996 East Sunrise Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale; (954) 832-9334. And be sure to visit 'em on the Web at: ML PLACES Get Inky…. At Cool Cat Tattoo, it's a whole new you! Words by Marta A. Oppenheimer

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