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Coffee with a Cause KonaRed uses coffee fruit to benefit the environment, farmers, and coffee connoisseurs Coffee drinker? You're not alone. Millions of American rise to the aroma of fresh grounds in the morning or grab a bottle of cold brew from the fridge to get their afternoon caffeine boost. It's no doubt that high-quality coffee beans are the king of the cup, but most coffee has a dirty secret many people don't know about. The fruit that surrounds each bean is being tossed to the sidelines, and it's polluting the environment and leaving farmers with tons (literally!) of unnecessary waste. Coffee fruit, also known as cascara or the coffee cherry, protects and nourishes the coffee bean, accounting for 75 percent of the entire seed. But each year, nearly 40 million pounds of coffee fruit is thrown away in the United States, totaling four billion pounds worldwide! That's a lot of rotting fruit that ultimately ends up polluting waterways. Enter KonaRed, maker of premium Hawaiian coffee products, that became aware of this issue and set out to make a change. And a sustainable one at that. It's one of the only coffee companies to rescue the fruit and use it as a staple ingredient in most of its coffee products.

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