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What can first-time clients expect when coming in for a service at one of your salons? Edward Tricomi: High-end service with top industry professionals in a warm and welcoming environment. What does a normal week look like for you? Are you still in the salon doing hair or are you focusing on the business aspect of running several salons now? ET: It is a little bit of both. I visit each salon throughout the week. Mondays are my corporate day, when I concentrate on the backend of the business along with my partner Roxana Pintilie, who handles the office and backend of the salons. I am the face and the art behind the salons. What's your favorite part about working in this industry? ET: This industry keeps you young, keeps you vibrant, keeps you in the know; some of my favorite parts are the artistic aspects of it as well as my clients. Is there a point in your career or a defining moment that you recall feeling like,"Wow, now I've really made it"? ET: I am as good as my last haircut; I am always trying to improve everyday regardless of my past success. Everyday is a learning day. Do you have any plans to expand to Miami, Los Angeles or any other cities? ET: We have had salons in L.A. as well as Miami. We are now currently in Japan and India, and we are planning to do a salon in St. Barths. We are also planning to expand internationally over the course of the next few years. We are also really focused on our new product line coming soon! Edward Tricomi

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