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Miami Memories "I modeled with Ford Miami when I was 16 or 17, I can't remember, and I spent a summer in Miami by myself. That was back in the day when you could use your model comp card, didn't matter how old you were, to get into any club. I would just show it to the bouncer and they would be like, 'Alright, go.' I was a child in places I should not have been… I had a lot of crazy experiences. Miami is insane. It's like a ghost town during the day and at night it's like, Whoo! And I loved it. I would go out all the time," she laughs. "Actually, my best friend Arielle Kebbel, who's an actress as well, we went to middle school, high school together in Florida, and I convinced her mom somehow to let her come spend a week with me down in Miami, so it was just the two of us, 16 years old, running around Miami together having the time of our lives. We just went to Mexico together, a girls/best friends trip last summer and we always reference back to that one Miami trip, like I don't know if anything will ever compare to that. We're like, 'How did our parents allow us to go there?'"

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