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The Perfect V Give yourself a vanicure Words by Jenna Kelley From pedicures to manicures, self-pampering is definitely at the top of our list, and Avonda Urben has taken self-pampering to the next level with what she calls "Vanicure — a beauty regimen for the V." After getting her start working for companies such as Revlon and L'Oréal Paris twenty years ago, Avonda not only fell in love with selling products, but creating them. A city girl from New York, Avonda made a life-changing move to Copenhagen. While immersing herself in a different culture, she realized that one thing stayed true: all women, no matter how diverse, are built the same; however, not all women can find the proper care for their bikini area. This is how The Perfect V skincare line was born --luxury skincare for the V, creating a language for hair removal care. Even though it is conceived in Scandinavia, it is a United States company. Avonda decided to take the bull by the horns and completely invest in herself. "I see it. I travel, I talk to women, I look at trends. It's figuring out who's going to buy it, and is there a real need?" Through professional experience, Avonda went full force to create her empire, which has been a ten-month strong company. What makes The Perfect V different from others is that they're one of the only companies that market these products, and the packaging makes females feel self-confident since their aesthetic is discreet. The Perfect V skincare products are mar- keted to all ages. "It's not an age," says Avonda, "it's an attitude of who wants to take care of their V area." With eight skincare products, each one is fragrance-free and paraben-free. Avonda wanted to tailor her product to a larger audience, so she creates her products in England, since there are 1,300 ingredients that are unable to be used in Europe that are allowed in the Unit- ed States only. She uses Nordic ingredients, such as elderflower,

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