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Nudo Adopt The original and award-winning olive tree adoption program Italian culture is renowned for its exquisite cuisine: delicate and subtle, the simplicity of its dishes comes from a history of excellent produce and quality ingredients grown and cultivated in perfect conditions. Olives have always been a huge part of Italian culture, eaten as part of a traditional aperitivo or picked and pressed to be transformed into delicious extra virgin olive oil. The history of olive oil is centuries old and interestingly, the traditional techniques are still considered the ideal way to produce olive oil. Nudo Adopt is a company that knows how important the authentic production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is and they are working passionately to maintain this legacy. Nudo Adopt is a collaboration of small-scale olive groves in Italy which use traditional farming and milling practices to produce premium, artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It supports farmers and their communities through an olive tree adoption programme, connecting them to food lovers around the world. Every year around the end of October olive trees across Italy are laden with olives of all sizes and colours. The annual harvest is an extremely busy time of year for Italian farmers and a great time for tourists to visit stunning Italy. The trees are carefully nurtured throughout the year to produce the highest quality of oil. Many factors affect the quality of the olives including climate, variety of the trees, rainfall, how the trees are pruned, and knowing the right moment to pick the olives. Traditionally, olives are handpicked and any strays are collected in nets on the ground. A single olive tree produces around 1.5 litres of oil, so every drop is special. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is inspiring people throughout the world who are keen to understand the activity surrounding farming, the cultivation of the tree and the provenance of the olive oil. Nudo Adopt works with expert olive farmers with several centuries of combined experience; their groves are often cultivated by the same families for generations. Nudo Adopt's groves are carefully selected to align with its values of tradition, sustainability, and quality in olive oil farming and oil production. Extra virgin olive oil is becoming increasingly celebrated throughout the world for its health benefits as well as its diverse variety of flavors. With more understanding of the importance of buying Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the oil's provenance is becoming of paramount importance to modern consumers.

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