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We Want More! Who are you listening to right now? "I'm such an oldies girl. I listen to like, 70s rock. I was just listening to Elton John yesterday, it was on repeat. I was into Erykah Badu's new joint, it's not that new. It's literally a whole record dedicated to the telephone. I like Sza. I love Childish Gambino. I love Kendrick Lamar. I have my old-school favorites: Sarah Vaughan, Frank Sinatra, Chet Baker. I was listening to Carmina Burana, like the entirte score, the other day —one of my favorites still. I got season tickets to the opera starting in September. Excited for that. I just saw two shows on Broadway: Three Tall Women, which is actually pretty good and Lobby Hero with my friend Brian Tyree Henry. Kind of wanting to go see The Iceman Cometh, it's the Denzel [Washington] play." Do you ever get down to Miami? "I love Miami. Any time I can go to Miami, I'm freakin' there. I just like going to the beach. Restaurant-wise, I just go wherever my friends take me. I'm so open to just hang. I love that everybody speaks Spanish. I love the Caribbean air. I love it. The art scene there is great. I haven't been to Art Basel yet because I'm always just doing something else, but maybe, hopefully, this year I'll make it out there." What do you think fans would be surprised to find out about you? "Though I've shared so much with my life story, I'm very private. I don't like everything being out there about myself, even though it is. I like my personal time. I like to spend my time wisely with people that I love. I don't really like going to events. I don't like dressing up all the time and going on the red carpet. I dread it, to be honest. I'm a very spontaneous person... I don't like the planning of the hair, makeup, and outfit. What if the outfit is not right? Is this going to advance my career? Is this picture sexy and cute and hot at the same time? I can't. So, when I do those things, it really stresses me out. It's to the point that it makes it hard for me to take a damn decent picture. Everybody is like, 'Why can't you just relax?'" All of your pictures look amazing. "Thank you, that's because I've literally told myself to look at everybody and imagine them naked." Keep up with Diane on Instagram: @DianeGuerrero_ Twitter: @DianeGuerrero_ _ and Facebook: @DianeGuerreroOfficial.

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