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This film pushed her in ways she's been dying to be pushed, not just emotionally, but physically, she tells me. From the start, Bailee wanted to do all her own stunts, and was able to, except for one, which, she tells me, was just a back shot. "They had an amazing, amazing stunt team that was there every step of the way to teach me everything to do… I'm crawling on bridges, behind cars on fire, cars are doing donuts around me, jumping out of buildings. And it was really, really fun. Our director Johannes Roberts, before we'd roll, would be like, 'OK, don't die," she says with a smile. She takes out her phone to show me photos of the bruises –on her legs and eye— she collected while filming. "No one has seen these photos yet. Honestly, I was the happiest I've ever been, doing what I loved." At the end of filming, Cal Johnson, the film's stunt coordinator, admitted to Bailee that he tried to break her the first two days as it would've been easier to have his stunt team step in for these scenes. "You took it. Every single time," he told her. "And it was one of the best compliments I'd ever gotten, because I wanted to do such a good job and not disappoint them," she says proudly. So, what's next? "We're working on what the right thing is. I went through a stage where I liked to work, work, work, work and now everyone's kinda pulling me back a little bit and are like, 'You can't just work to work!' So, I think it's finding projects that really to speak me." The next area of entertainment that Bailee wants to explore is singing. Last summer, Bailee posted a video of Drew Dirksen and her cover of Khalid's "Location." Bailee can definitely sing. With almost half a million views garnered, the comments on the video are positive. "I love writing, with the book, obviously, but I write lyrics whenever I can. It's very soothing and therapeutic for me when I'm away from home and kinda homesick... I would love to one day tell my side of the story, not just a character's side of the story, but my side through a song. Trying to convince Mom to embark on another journey," she laughs, and glances her mother's way. "Slowly breaking her down." Bailee flashes a smile. "My boyfriend [Alex Lange] gave me a guitar a year ago, for Christmas, and I have yet to be able to open it. He's like, 'I'm going to take the guitar and learn.' He'll probably start his singing career, so I need to get on it before he does." [Last October, Alex wrote Bailee a song for her birthday, "Love You So." The music video garnered 1.2 million views on YouTube. All of the proceeds from the video, iTunes, and Spotify were donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand, a childhood cancer foundation that Bailee supports and introduced her boyfriend to.] Her mother chimes in, "I would be 100% supportive of it —if you did your 15-minute naps." Bailee smiles. "Yeah, OK. Fine. Done!" ML Keep up with Bailee on Instagram and Twitter: @BaileeMadison, and And don't miss The Strangers: Prey at Night in theaters March 9th and the season premiere of Hallmark's Good Witch on April 29th. Nowadays X Bailee Madison = Spring/Summer Fashion Recently, Bailee collaborated with Macy's on a spring/summer capsule collection, Nowadays x Bailee Madison, which is available in select Macy's stores and on "I've always loved fashion. It's always meant the world to me. When you're a little girl, you play dress up and it's so much fun, but I was always sketching when I was younger, always saying that one day, I would have a clothing line, Lord willing." When Macy's Nowadays asked if she was interested in a collaboration, she freaked out. "It was an immediate yes. I have a Macy's right up the street in my hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I have shopped there with my best girlfriends since I was 8 years old and our moms would take us for Auntie Anne's Pretzels. Everything just really came full circle... It was really fun for me, I learned so much." It was important to both Bailee and Macy's that the Florida native be a part of the design process and make the collection her own. "It's my name on the label at the end of the day. Whether I'm talking about a product in an interview or I'm attaching myself to something, it has to be something true to myself and something I believe in." Her bi-coastal living has influenced the collection, which features beach prints, airy colors, and laidback, west coasty, "tomboy" pieces and military prints. She's "obsessed with" the railroad print, seersucker striped pants. "If you're a girly-girl, you can make it super-feminine. But, if you're kinda more laidback and tomboyish, which I get sometimes, it's so easy just to wear with a basic t-shirt and sneakers to the beach or out to dinner." And there's her 50s-inspired two-piece skirt and "mid-croppy" set. "One of the most me pieces. It's blue with white mini polka dots. If I could live in the 50s, I would." Bailee describes her style as constantly changing. "I'll never wear an outfit that doesn't feel like myself, I think that was advice that I got pretty early on." Her go-tos, especially while filming in Toronto, are black jeans or leggings, a high-top sneaker, a long- sleeved t-shirt, hoodie, and a beanie. For meetings, it's a blouse and blazer with heels and jeans. "To me, fashion is an opportunity to create memories. I have things I have yet to let go of, from when I was 8 years old. Pieces that I hope to give my daughter, if I have a daughter one day, where she can make memories in it. I have a sweatshirt that I wore on my first date with my boyfriend of two years. I pray that when they put on a piece from my clothing collection they can make a memory and they'll hold on to that memory and hold on to that piece of clothing. That's really what I tried to think about when we were making this line."

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