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Lifestyle Entertaining During the Holidays Fête's Jung Lee shows us how to host a stress-free party Words by Jung Lee Rule number one: If you are thinking about having a holiday party, just do it! I feel it is one of the best ways to finish off the year –by surrounding yourself with great friends and family. Next, think about the most important people that you want there and the kind of party that you want to throw. It doesn't have to be over the top, but it should be special and reflective of you. Are you hosting a great holiday brunch with holiday music and food? Is it more of a casual cocktail party? Do you want a sit-down meal, and who would come to that? Then, figure out the mood and the ambiance for it. What I like to do is start pulling out all the things that make sense for that particular party. So, if it is a buffet that I'm having, I like to bring out different bowls, long platters, utensils, and I start imagining what would go where, what bowls would house which salads, what plates will house the quiche, baked goods... This is so you can start visualizing a few days before the party and it doesn't hit you all at once. Think about coasters, pitchers, cocktail napkins, trays, etc. It's also a good way to start cleaning your home, getting it ready for the party and also figuring out what you have and the few items you may need. So, after you bring out the platters, now, you start thinking about your menu: the food and the beverages. A tip that I like to do is, I envision myself as a guest. As I walk in the door, what's to my right? What's to my left? What does it smell like? Who's greeting me? Where's my coat going? If you're in Miami, not too many coats. Think about all the things that your guest will be going through and start walking through those steps --that's how you figure out where your hole could potentially be. Everyone will need to use the restroom, what does my restroom look like? Do I have good hand towels for my guests? Do I get disposable, plush ones? What's my waste bin look like? Do I put out gum and mints to freshen peoples' breaths because smelly breath is never a good thing for a holiday party? Just envision yourself in terms of: What does it look like? What am I hearing? What am I smelling? What does it look like in your home? So now that we've got a date, figured out what kind of party we're having, figured out all the logistics, music and setting, sent out the invitation -- I think if it is at all possible, hire someone to help clean up. You're having an adult party, you're not going to ask your friends to help you wash dishes. There's so many great young people who need a job, a few dollars, extra money for spending, so it's almost like a nice holiday thing, you're helping them out and they're helping you out. Put up a local posting and hire one or two college students to attend to the bar or clean up. Just have them come meet you beforehand, so they're familiar with the set up at your place. edit

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