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The Lockdown Baby - A Short-Animated Story Book An intimate new animated book has been published by two new parents based in Miami, that portrays a moving journey by a young girl through the pandemic – revealing how tender and impressionable today’s youth has become from the emergence of an unprecedented time in our lives. Over the last two years, first time authors, Rishi Idnani and wife Athya, enjoyed an increased amount of time at home with their two year-old infant, Amani Reims, observing how their baby daughter would react and behave to an adjusted and unusual daily routine, forced by endless months of lockdown. As a way of chronicling this extraordinary period in their lives as new parents, Rishi and Athya decided to create a storyline inspired by life during the pandemic and their appreciation of being as close as possible to their newborn. The self-published book entitled The Lockdown Baby, takes readers through a series of memorable chapters during the pandemic that were experienced by everyone around the world. Each page provides an animated depiction of life at home, through the eyes and mind of an infant. From being imprisoned in the house, and seeing an increased amount of personal and household hygiene products, to witnessing mommy and daddy wearing unusual face coverings and food being delivered to the door (instead of the usual outing to a favorite restaurant or café), the often humorous portrayal of life during Covid-19 includes the depiction of online toys being out-of-stock and a new parental “hobby” at home known as Zoom. “The Lockdown Baby is a book for parents and children to look back and reminisce on the extraordinary events during these unprecedented times,” says Rishi Idnani. “Not only will they be able to see examples of how life was, but they will be able to truly appreciate the extra time we had with our loved ones together.” Each page of colorful animation by Rajib Mondal, comes with an opposite page of rhyming text as a first-hand deliberation from the mind of the child, as the fictitious daughter and parents experience each episode and circumstance induced by lockdown. To ensure a happy ending, the final reflection is the introduction of a vaccine that enables family life to resume back to normalcy. New father, Rishi Idnani has been a career-long and award-winning innovator in the field of luxury hospitality and real estate management, having worked in executive leadership roles for Ritz Carlton and currently as Managing Director for the iconic luxury beachfront residences, Continuum in Miami Beach. His wife, Athya, continues her career as a new mother and independent interior design consultant. The Lockdown Baby is now available on Amazon in hardcover and paperback from $10.99. By ML Staff Images courtesy of The Lockdown Baby

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